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Your CD  Fear Of The Park  was released on March 30th, 2012, through Atomic Stuff. It's a real cool album, congratulations! Are you satisfied with the feedback you got until now?
First of all I wanna thank you for your great review and for giving us the opportunity of this interview. Now let’s talk about the album! The feedback that we’ve received until now is good. It’s our first album and we get positive reviews from webzine of all the world , that understood the concept and the sound that we wanted to create.

Could you please introduce the members from  Splatters  and tell us a bit about the history of the band?
Splatters  is: Drow, Paul Destroyer, Mr. Sprinkler and Alex Damned (Me). The band was born from an idea of Paul and me, we decided to make a band with our musical influences but with horror themes, for our passion for the genre. The next that joined the band was Mr. Sprinkler and then after five or six months where we tried some different singers we found the voice which fits perfectly with our songs, Drow. We all came from different musical genres, I’ve got a Rock ’n Roll and Glam background but I also love Punk and 70’s Rock, Paul always heard Hardcore and Punk but also with Jazz drum studies, Drow recorded an album with a Metal-Core band, he also played in an Indie and Alternative rock band and finally Mr. Sprinkler had a Metal/Death-Core background with some Nu-Metal/Crossover. This strange mixing of various kinds of music originated our spooky sound.


Who wrote the songs for the CD?
I’m the author for most of the songs in the album except for  Hope  and  Dark Way, written by Drow and  Minotaury  by Paul but we usually work together on all our songs. We often start from a riff or some music parts that sound good and then came the lyrics.

You play Horror-Punk and it seems you are big fans of the Horror genre ;-) What are your favourite horror movies/authors/figures?
We love all the horror scene, in particular B-Movies and Splatter genres. Among the many movies “Plan 9 from Outer Space“ of Edward D. Wood Jr., all the Romero’s, “Blood Feast” by Herschell Gordon Lewis, the historical “Braindead” and all the Rob Zombie’s but also Italian movies by Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci. We also love the classical like “Nightmare”, “Friday the 13th”, “It”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and so on.

Horror features like adrenaline, suspense, blood spread, funny-scene and the grotesque are the things that make feel us a little bit alive!

Are there any plans for a videoclip for one of the songs?
Yes, it’s our next project! Now we’re still thinking about the song to use for the videoclip but I could say that something will come out the next autumn.


One of my favourite tracks is  Dark Way. I like the special sound and atmosphere of this track very much. Could you please tell us a little bit more about the origin of this song, respectively about the lyrics?
Drow wrote  Dark Way's  lyric and music and recorded voice and keyboard parts. The text of this song is about drug's obscure way. The verses would create the sensation of drug's addiction, there's a link between  Dark Way  and the title of the album so you can try to imagine the street in this horror park with temptations and attractions like the ones in drug's world, where you know what are the effects but sometimes you can't make it less. In mixing part we tried to create a vintage vinyl record sound to increase the dark atmosphere of the song.

The CD cover fits perfectly to your lyrics. Who had the idea for it and who designed it?
Fear Of The Park’s  cover is an idea that I developed with my girlfriend Taby which also design it. She made a good work with a graphic software and the result is enough creepy in my opinion. I think that the amusement park with scary attractions it’s a metaphor which immediately takes to concept of the album.

Is there a chance to see you live on stage in other countries in Europe soon - and, pretty interesting for me - perhaps in Germany too?
We hope so… it’s our dream since we started playing, we’ve always seen the other Europe countries like opportunities to express our music, in Italy most of the clubs prefer tribute bands, but with this system kills music. We love Germany, all our friends that played there, always appreciated the passion and the interest for the bands, even if they were unknown, so we wish to play in Germany if someone give us the possibility ! The fans will appreciate!


What is on your plan for the next months?
As I told you before our next project is the videoclip and at the same time we want to play, we want to take  Fear Of The Park  on the road, everywhere it’s possible. Now we’re looking for dates, we wish to organize a tour but it will be a hard thing for how does the Italian live scene goes. That’s why we want to take a look also in other Europe countries and we keep on trying with our music!

Talking about Rock & Metal music in Radio and TV now, how does this work in Italy - do you get radio airplay and TV-appearances?
Not yet… In Italy there are two big TVs that play only Rock, Punk and Metal music, but only one gives some opportunities to new Italian bands in few spaces, well better than nothing! About the radio the situation it’s similar, there are some big radios but with the difference that there are independent radios or web-radio spaces where it’s easier to get airplay.

Which bands/musicians would you name as your greatest influences?
There are a lot of bands that influenced me and my compositions, the first one to be named must be  Alice Cooper, then from the 70’s Rock  Blue Öyster CultLynyrd Skynyrd  and  Rush, also Glam rock bands like  Mötley CrüeRattTwisted Sister   and  W.A.S.P. After them I can also name  MisfitsWhite & Rob ZombieMurderdollsTurbonegroSocial DistortionRamonesMotörhead  and all the Sleaze and Glam Punk from Sweden. There are many other bands that maybe I forgot now but you can capture in our songs!


How many guitars do you own, what are your favorite ones?
Now I have two guitars, a Gibson Flying V of 2009 and another Gibson model Les Paul Custom, a prototype from the 80’s with Di Marzio pick-ups. As you can see Gibson is my favourite guitar brand but I also like Fender and Schecter models.

What CDs are spinning in your CD/MP3 player the most these days?
Well, I’ve always listened a lot of different genres of music, very far one from the other. Up to now in my heavy rotation there are  Korn  with their last strange album with Dubstep DJs,  A Different Kind Of Truth  from  Van Halen, the reunion with David Lee Roth and the last one from  Jane’s Addiction, a masterpiece in my opinion!

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
I just wanna say thank you again for your review and for this interview, for the opportunities that you give with Sarkophag Rocks to bands like us, to express themselves. We hope to find a chance to play in Germany soon!

Thanks for your time. We wish you and the band all the best and a lot of success with the CD!!

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