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The first fascination of this American quartet came from the Yeti in their band name and the Wendigo in the track list. Fabulous creatures, paranormals, mystics, horror movies etc. attracted me magically since my youth... and in this case my curiosity led me to an absolute killer-album!!!

I totally agree with John Miles: „Music was my first love and it will be my last...“ I could not get by with only one favourite band, also not with ten... Whensoever new bands are able to score high with me, I´m very happy. The music biz always needs new blood and should enlarge the support and the assistance of new bands a lot. Certainly I don´t like bubblegum-plastic-rock or a harder music style which is made for the masses or songs/CDs which you can hear more or less clearly that they are only made to grab money.

A band like All Hail The Yeti  is like a gift for the music-freak in me, because they can fascinate me completely. They rock hard, with much power, melodic in their own way, they are doing their own thing. Mainly they rock heavy, but they show diversity and that they are brilliant in slower pace, too. All Hail The Yeti  present real absorbing and amazing lyrics. An intelligent play with words about perhaps not always necessarily “usual” themes, but they just are more than interesting for me. My feeling is> this guys stand with body and soul behind what they do. They play their songs with heart and passion. You can feel what their music means to them, and how much they take delight in doing their thing.

Two band members are in action at the microphone. Singer Connor Garritty is the man with the impressive „HardCore Voice”, bass player Nicholas Diltz is responsible for the “Clear Voice”. I “love” musical gobbledygook, therefore translation> Connor roars the lyrics, Nicholas sings them ;-) Their voices fit damn well together. Guitarist Craw NeQuent and drummer Steve White complete this power-quartet and the four guys complement one another perfectly. I like their creativity very much, the style of their songwriting, their ideas for all the applied “specials” - interludes of the extraordinary kind. The whole thing results in fascinating songs with a special touch. Since weeks, this awesome CD is running on heavy rotation in my player.

Should somebody now have the idea that I was caught by four Yetis – yepp, I walked into their musical trap... well, rather I ran into it! ;-) Follow one of the links below, listen to some songs from All Hail The Yeti  and if you like what you hear – buy the album  All Hail The Yeti!


Definitely you should watch their video clip for The Art Of Mourning. It was filmed with director Rob Cantin. Actually it is a short movie, a western, which convert the lyrics into living pictures. The musicians are in action as band and as actors, and – to come back on the theme of this category – of course you can see some of their tattoos, too.

I wished me All Hail The Yeti  for the start from “Rock Meets Tattoos” and it worked out... and my questions were not only answered by one band member. The second one is:





Connor Garritty


Interview about tattoos


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©2012 by Rob Cantin



Connor, this is our second interview with you, thanks a lot! (here´s the first one) Today we will talk about tattoos – let´s start:

How many years are you working as a tattoo artist yet, since when do you own your studio “Timeless Tattoo”?

I have been tattooing professionally for 14 years. I opened “Timeless Tattoo” in February 2009.

Do you draw templates for designs by yourself, too?
Most of the art I do is custom for each individual. Sometimes clients bring their own ideas, and I elaborate on those.

Could you please tell us a bit about your work as tattoo artist – what brings you the most fun, what would you name as your greatest experiences in this job until now, was there perhaps some negative moments, too?
I prefer doing large pieces that are very artistic rather than graphic. Tattoos that flow with the body parts are much more inspiring. Anytime someone allows me to be as creative as possible, that makes it almost an honor to be working on someone’s body. The fact they trust you with complete artistic freedom is so rewarding. There has been many ups and downs in the years I have been tattooing. Every moment helps me become a better artist and business owner. The negative moments are also in as positive moments as well.

©2012 by Timeless Tattoo

Do you know roughly, how many people you tattooed in the last years?
Oh man that’s so hard to say. I have lost count.

Some people just see a tattoo as a nice decoration or as a hip trend - for others it has a much more deeper importance. I´m sure, you guys belong to the last named category. How do you define your passion for tatts?
Tattooing has been a way of life for me. Like music I could never turn my back on it. I cannot imagine my life before being a tattoo artist.

When did you get your first tattoo, which design was the last one you got and how many are it in total at the moment?
Hahaha in 1995 was my first and it was a cartoon drawing of some magic mushrooms that my brother designed for me. My most recent was “HAIL YETI” on my knuckles! I couldn’t tell you how many I have, hundreds of hours.

©2012 by Connor Garritty

Do you have any ideas in mind for the next 1-2-3 tatts yet?
I don’t really plan them out, they come to me as my life brings me new experiences. I prefer to be spontaneous!

Could you please tell us the story about one of your tattoos - why did you choose it, how long did it take to prick it and so on?
I have a full thigh piece of a wolf skull with two crossed antique bone saws. I have about 20 hours in it now and about 5 more left. I love wolves and anything to do with antique surgical tools. Its kind of a play on the skull and cross bones idea.

Is your band logo to see on your skin too, or do you will get it later... or never?
On my knuckles. HAIL YETI!

From which tattoo artist would you like to get tattooed at any rate sometime?
I prefer to get tattooed by people I am friends with. But otherwise Steve Moore from Vancouver, or James Tex from Calgary, both in Canada.

What is your opinion> does a kind of mystical connection exist between Rock & Metal music and tattoos?
I think tattoos and rock music fit so well together cause of the rebel bad boy kind of vibe from the 80s. That’s been instilled in peoples minds for so many years.

That´s it! See you in Germany next year!
We will be there soon!


Craw NeQuent/Connor Garritty/Nicholas Diltz
©2012 by Henry Diltz



Logos> © by All Hail The Yeti
Photos> ©2012 by Connor Garritty, Henry Diltz, Rob Cantin and Timeless Tattoo





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