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Steffen turned into the bands jinx, or better "walking disaster area" and had to rest after he fed his finger into a saw. How does he feel right now, will he be able to fret again pretty soon?
For a guitar player it's really a worst case scenario to hurt a hand or finger, cause he needs that part of his body the most. If he'd broke his leg, the consequences wouldn't be that hard for the band. He's doing fine considering the circumstances. Apart from the fact he's missing one third of his left hands index finger now, he is totally pissed he has to take a break. But he wants to be on stage again in Mid-August. Last year at the same time he'd broke his carpus. Well, he learned his lesson well and will not use a saw or scissor ever again.

Hannes took a crash course and transformed into a singing bass player - just for a short time, but it surely was a wide experience. Do you think Hannes would be happy doing this forever or does he prefer the singer>micro>action thing?
Hannes' change to bass (indeed, during a seven-hour rehearsal) doesn't come out of the blue, due to the fact he took bass lessons in the past. Nevertheless it was just a quick fix, Hannes wants to perform at the microphone. Currently we are touring with specially trained replacement acts.

Your second album  Addicted To Metal  hit the streets a few month ago. Which reaction from people - no matter who - surprised you, made you happy or even shocked you the most?
Everyone likes the album and we're really happy about the fact it has been released in Europe and also in Japan, where it's selling exceptionally well, too.

Finished with school, now it's show time. There are a lot of gigs listed in your schedule, e.g. as support band for Primal Fear. A year ago we were talking about a DVD. Will there possibly, by any chance, perhaps be a live recording from one of the upcoming gigs anywhere, anytime?
A Live-DVD is not yet planned, but our flip cam will always be present. There will be an exclusive tour report with live clips for our video blogs, containing "behind the scenes", a lot of funny things and pretty informative stuff. All this will be 100% produced by us, the band.

We can see and hear Jim and Ande perform Marianne Rosenberg's song  Er gehört zu mir  in one of your video blogs (dated 09.-10.07.10) on your homepage. A cover version of that song including a video clip would be great, and our Sarkophag oracle predicts fun and a big hit. What are the prospects for our in-house oracle to be right? Means: What are the odds, that you're doing a rock cover of one of those genuine songs?
I have to admit that we're listening to SWR4 on long rides back home. Let's see what will happen in the future, it remains unanswered up to now :)

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Translation by Susanne Blum





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