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Luxor Köln



First little impressions...


On this day there were some changes...
Annihilator PlakatHP_thumb1


The concert had been moved from   Stollwerck   to   Luxor...
Annihilator Luxor KölnHP_thumb1


Also musicians become ill and must spare themselves.
So we didn´t make our interview with Jeff Waters but

Dave Padden

... and therefore both are soon in our category SarkoTalk to find<


The concert was diabolically well, landed very high in my personal ranking list.

Why? I will speak about it in my report...


What I can already tell you now>

it lays very strongly in the work of the man on the guitar


Of course not only that...

... the quartet from Canada played full power!


And the support bands were great too...
Annihilator TourbusHP_thumb1

... here only their travel vehicle, soon also more of them...


What is to be expected everything about and from this concert>

Annihilator Special - Luxor Köln - 12.10.2010



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