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The CD  Victims Of The Modern Age  is out for about one month now. How are the reactions from the fans and the press?
I’m extremely satisfied with the reactions from both fans and journalists and the sales are going very well! Lots of people have been asking me to do another  Star One  for the last 8 years, so I’m glad I’ve finally been able to do this for them.

What was the inspiration for this album?
After the relatively quiet and profound  Guilt Machine  album I felt like making a straight-forward metal album again, based on heavy guitar riffs.

Please tell us: what is the story on the  Star One  album you want to tell?
Like on the first  Star One  album all the songs are based on movies again. This time the more darker and down-to-earth dystopian and post-apocalyptic movies like The Matrix and Blade Runner.

Can you explain why you work with the same artist as on the  Star One  album Space Metal?
They are simply the best and can’t be replaced! Also because  Ayreon  is my project with the revolving cast of musicians, I wanted to keep a steady line-up for  Star One.

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Did you start writing the album knowing which artists you will ask to work on it?
I wasn’t a 100% sure yet at the very beginning. But I always decide on the musicians before I start writing lyrics and melody lines. It’s a very comforting thought that I can count on all these amazing musicians to make my album better!

When one of the artists you had in mind during writing say: sorry it doesn´t work for me - do you have a "Plan B" or do you have to rewrite this part then?
No, I improvise! And that happens a lot, but in the end it always works out.

Is there any chance for a small  Star One  tour?
Just a small chance. The musicians all want to do it, but touring simply isn’t my passion anymore. I’ve become much more of a composer/producer than a performing artist.

Can you tell us: will there be albums out in the future of  Ayreon  project and  Guilt Machine?
There will definitely be another  Ayreon  album once I get the inspiration. I’m not sure about  Guilt Machine  though, unfortunately the album didn’t sell very well... guess it’s all a matter of priorities.

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Are there some musicians/singer you like to have in one of your projects but it didn´t work until now?
Oh yes, the list is endless! Preferably with all those great artists that I grew up listening to like Robert Plant, David Gilmour, Geddy Lee, Alice Cooper etc.

Did you ever think about to make one song for one of your projects with Dutch lyrics? :-)
Oh no, the Dutch language is horrible, not musical at all!

If somebody calls or mail you and ask you to work on a project like Christmas Metal Symphony (Winter Metal Symphony) will you say yes?
They did and I’m thinking about it :-)

The social networks like at example MySpace, Facebook and Twitter are really important for musicians nowadays. Is it an inspiration for your songwriting too to have a close contact to the fans of your music?
Oh yes, it’s a great way to stay in contact with the fans and hear their opinions, especially since I don’t play live. It sounds like a cliché, but I really feel that I have the best and most loyal fans in the world.

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Are there news you like to share/tell us that is important for the fans of Arjen Lucassen?
Yes, I will start working on the solo album that I’ve been promising myself for the last 10 years now. And I’m really looking forward to it, I feel very inspired! I will be doing the vocals and most of the instruments myself. It will be a new challenge, can I make it interesting without all those great singers?

We wish you all the best for the year 2011 and hope to see you soon on stage, in the Netherlands or Germany.
Thanks, and of course the very best wishes to you, keep up the good work!

Thanks for your time!!!
You’re very welcome :-)



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