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Black´ N Blue

Hell Yeah


Black´N Blue-Hell-Yeah-m



01. Monkey


02. Target


03. Hail Hail


04. Fool´s Bleed


05. C´Mon


06. Jamie´s Got The Beer


07. Angry Drunk Son Of A Bitch


08. So Long


09. Trippin´



10. Falling Down


Release: 13.05.2011

11. Candy


Label: Frontiers Records

12. Hell Yeah!



13. World Goes Round






Hidden Track:



14. A Tribute To Hawking







Jaime St. James


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Jef “Woop” Warner


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Shawn Sonnenschein


Frontiers Records

Patrick Young



Pete Holmes





In the 1980's  Black ´N Blue  were very successful with four albums and now they publish something new. At last. It was about time, 'cause they already started recordings a while back in 2003. But the process has been postponed due to the fact that Jamie St. James became the singer of  Warrant  in February 2004, went on tour with them and severe legal problems need to be clarified before the work in the studio could go on. The result, titled  Hell Yeah,  hit the streets on May 13th, 2011, through Frontiers Records. The CD was produced by guitarist Jeff "Woop" Warner.

The band plays with almost the original lineup, except Tommy Thayer who nowadays plays with KISS. He was replaced by Shawn Sonnenschein.  Black 'N Blue  deliver a top-notch album and already the first few hard bass tones of  Monkey  give us the low-down. It's pretty heavy, with a full sound and omnipresent guitars and it really rocks - this is the hard rock / sleaze rock of the 80's, served in various ways. This is no new world-shaking music mix, but pretty cool songs which remind me of many bands of the good old days. I'm unwilling to reveal their names 'cause you should find out yourself and have your own "wow! effect"...

Both guitarists, Jeff "Woop" Warner and Shawn Sonnenschein, are doing an amazing job, with great riffs and some superb solos. Bassist Patrick Young can be clearly hard, not only with his normal rhythm parts. Drummer Pete Holmes - he's doing a great job behind his drums. Jamie St. James' voice rounds off the whole thing. He can really belt one out and it perfectly fits to the songs. I especially love the parts sung in two voices. There are some parts sung in several voices you want to bellow along :-) The guys also have a great sense of humor, shown during the short track  Jaime's Got The Beer.  I was staring at the speakers with a confused face while listening to it for the first time... ;-)


Fool´s Bleed  –  this is my fave on this CD. A slow start, the guitar, Jamie's pure voice and a rhythm which one cannot escape. A refrain sung in several voices and well used instruments, great!

Target  –  thrilling; please pay special attention to the basslines. The parts sung in two voices are superb. Hey, hey, hey - my heart soars.

Hell Yeah  –  the title track of the album caught me with its first few notes. The guitar rhythm, hell yeah, that's it :-) A refrain to bawl along; this thing will surely take off like a scalded cat if played live!

Points of criticism: The album contains 14 tracks but three of them are really really short and so they don't count. It would've been nice to have two or three more tracks. I can't get along with No. 13,  World Goes Round,  it's too whacky. I don't like the Sitar or whatever it is, the song sounds strange in some way. I love hidden tracks and this CD offers one - too bad it's nothing special. Sorry to say but that was unnecessary!

But since there were so many songs on this album that caught me I rate:

Ankh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh Review
6 out of 7 Ankhs

Marion Ney / Sarkophag Rocks

Translation by Susanne Blum




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