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Eden´s Curse






01. Trinitas Sanctus


02. Trinity


03. Saints Of Tomorrow


04. No Holy Man
      (feat. James LaBrie)


05. Guardian Angel


06. Can´t Fool The Devil


07. Rivers Of Destiny


08. Dare To Be Different


09. Children Of The Tide



10. Black Widow
      (feat. Andi Deris)


Release: 18.03.2011

11. Jerusalem Sleeps


Label: AFM Records

12. Rock´N´Roll Children
      (Dio Cover)






Bonustrack Europa:



13. We Climb








Michael Eden


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Thorsten Koehne


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Paul Logue


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Alessandro Del Vecchio



Pete Newdeck


AFM Records



We had to wait more than two years for  Eden's Curse's  new album and it was really worth waiting!  Trinity  is the band's third album and was released on March 18th, 2011 via AFM Records.

This CD offers a good mix, with constant tempo changes from slow to full speed and back. Absolutely great > Thorsten Koehne on guitar. He plays the entire range - and what's very important for me: really great solos, heavy riffs, gentle acoustic moments! Drummer Pete Newdeck and bassist Paul Logue create a rich tapestry of rhythm. At some songs I mostly listened to the bass with it's interesting entries, thumbs up!!! Alessandro Del Vecchio, the new guy on keys, fits perfectly. No nerve-racking keyboard "pling pling", just playing the "conventional" way, exactly how I like it. The music has a lot of power but also a lot of feeling; that kind of feeling that gives you goose bumps. On some tracks you can hear oriental and orchestral parts - both are fantastically used. Another positive thing is: many songs on that album are pretty long, so you get a lot for your money...

But what would  Eden's Curse  be without Michael Eden on the microphone? I love his voice that rocks but can also be soft and soulful on slower tracks. Two times he shares the mic with brilliant musicians like James LaBrie  (Dream Theater)  on  No Holy Man  and Andi Deris  (Helloween)  on  Black Widow. Both are top-notch duets, their voices are in complete harmony. What I also like very much: the polyphonic parts are well done on all tracks.

It was hard to choose a special track. Ok, the short intro was no option :-) But after that it starts rocking and suddenly almost all tracks are an option. The cover of  Dio's   Rock 'N' Roll Children  is very well done too but I chose three  Eden's Curse  originals:

No Holy Man  –  the first single release. A brilliant duet with James LaBrie, with slower tempo but also with a lot of power and guitars in top form - on the album as a 5:40 min long version. This is a perfect bundle of music - and the video for this song is a very special one, imho.

Trinity  –  a fast track with a lot of power, great guitar parts and a long solo. This song immediately catches your attention.

Guardian Angel  -  6:07 top-notch minutes. A smooth orchestral start, then Michaels voice accompanied by piano and acoustic guitar, later supported by all other instruments and after that a refrain with polyphonic choral singing. This is a soulful track that offers a lot and for me it's a very spine-tingling song.

There is also one negative aspect: if there's a refrain or line of text that repeats over and over again, I go bananas. A bulk of these repeats happen at the end of  Saints Of Tomorrow,  Dare To Be Different  and  Can´t Fool The Devil  and it spoils the party! All are great tracks but sometimes less is more! So I usually skip the very last minute of each song, jump to the next track and everything's just fine again...

Ankh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh Review
6 out of 7 Ankhs

Marion Ney / Sarkophag Rocks

Translation by Susanne Blum




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