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Requiem For
The Indifferent





01. Karma


02. Monopoly On Truth


03. Storm The Sorrow


04. Delirium


05. Internal Warfare


06. Requiem For The Indifferent


07. Anima


08. Guilty Demeanor


09. Deep Water Horizon



10. Stay The Course


Release: 09.03.2012

11. Deter The Tyrant


Label: Nuclear Blast

12. Avalanche



13. Serenade Of Self-Destruction






Bonustrack Limited Edition:

Limited Edition

14. Nostalgia










Simone Simons


Epica Homepage

Mark Jansen

Guitar, Grunts

Epica @ MySpace

Isaac Delahaye


Epica @ Facebook

Yves Huts



Coen Janssen


Nuclear Blast

Ariën van









The dutch band  Epica  released their album  Requiem For The Indifferent  on March 9th, 2012 through Nuclear Blast. The normal version contains thirteen songs, the Limited Edition an additional bonus track. They were recorded at the Gate Studio in Wolfsburg, again with producer Sasha Paeth at work.

Epica  exists since years and I think their development over the years is really very interesting. Their last CD  Design Your Universe  scored very high and now the successor  Requiem For The Indifferent  is approaching. Previously you ask yourself: Can it be even better? Will it sound a little bit different? Harder or softer? Are you going to be “just” thrilled or completely knock for a loop? One thing you know for sure, without any doubt: it will be a special kind of listening experience!

This CD is an expedition. It offers so much – it isn´t possible to notice all at first listening. You have to listen to the songs several times, to enjoy the full impression. Epica  offers again a fascinating mix, especial and intensive! I can completely get lost in the album and it never becomes boring, because every song has its own amazing composition and appealing lyrics. Mark Jansen really did a great job.

I leave out the short intro-tracks  Karma  and  Anima.  The remaining songs have very good running times. The both „heavy-weights”  Requiem For The Indifferent  (8:34 min.) and  Serenade Of Self-Destruction  (9:52 min.) prove to me that long tracks can become real acoustic delicacies if there is enough imagination. The recordings happened on a high musical level. The two guitarists Mark Jansen and Isaac Delahaye, bass player Yves Huts, keyboarder Coen Janssen and drummer Ariën van Weesenbeek offer a damn good performance on their instruments.

The delivery of the  Epica  gents is connected with the orchestral sound in an elegant manner. This mixture is kind of catchy, above all it changes over and over again, because the dominance of rock-instruments respectively the orchestra is various arranged in every song. I love the guitar-parts, sometimes really fast, sometimes the strings of the acoustic guitars are plucked very tender, high-class solos. Mark and Isaac really inspire me completely. A big praise goes also to drummer Arien. Powerful, always with the matching drive to the song – I really like what he’s delivering on the drums.

As to the vocal-parts, the beauty meets the beast – the magnificent voice of Simone Simons and the furious violent grunts of Mark Jansen complement one another in best way and they implement the lyrics excellent. Simone has that certain something, sounds fantastic in all pitches. Particularly the slower parts are my favorites, there Simone gives me the creeps. Mark´s grunts are heavy, but I can understand every word and that is very important for me. Aplenty choral singing, in different variations. It always matches to the song and harmonises with the music.

It´s a bit hard to select suggestions, because in my opinion this CD achieves its optimum effect as a whole. I just take the three songs which reflect my today's mood:

Deep Water Horizon  –  at first a wonderful slower calm song, sung very intensely. The last two minutes bring a little bit more speed.

Delirium  –  this gentle song is a doozie. Simone´s voice sounds so great, that gives me the creeps. Top guitar solo.

Internal Warfare  –  great speed, excellent rhythm, the horn section gives a special touch. Another highlight: wild grunts rotate with choral singing.

The right portion of hardness, tender moments, wonderful melodies, the tempo from full speed to idling mixture, a strong-voiced female singer and an excellent grunter, optimal harmonising musicians, creative songwriting, good lyrics... All that together results in a music pleasure of the special class.  Epica  go their way into the right direction, develop their music and don´t rest on their laurels.  Requiem For The Indifferent  gets from me>

Ankh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh Review
7 out of 7 Ankhs

Marion Ney / Sarkophag Rocks

Translation by Marion Ney




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