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01. Disappear Again


02. Stand Like Stone


03. Souvenirs


04. Don´t Follow


05. New Way Of Living


06. Voodoo Me


07. Fear Alone


08. Wasted On You


09. Our Peace Someday



10. Desert Suicide


Release Nr.1: 2010 via Band



Format: Collector´s Edition - Jewel-Case



Akustic-Bonustracks VÖ 23.03.12


11. Voodoo Me


Release Nr. 2: 23.03.12

12. Souvenirs


Label:  Frontiers Records



Format: Jewel-Case











Matt Mitchell


Furyon Homepage

Chris Green


Furyon @ Facebook

Pat Heath



Alex Bowen



Lee Farmery






I like it to surf the web, to listen to new bands. Especially MySpace were a very efficient source and is it partially also even today. For me, the ideal case is to listen to a song of a new band for the first time, and the music can totally inspire me right away. The Englishmen from   Furyon   needed exactly 25 seconds for it. They sent me a friend request - curious as I am, I clicked   Disappear Again   straightforward in their player. Wow – they sound damn good and then the singer cut loose…

As for the voice of Matt Mitchell, it was like e.g. with Bon Scott, Steve Perry and Johnny Gioeli for me, just to name three of my all time favourites. Matt sang the first words and it went like “zoom” :-) Oh my goodness… what this guy produces with his vocal cords – is to kneel down! All songs they offered in their player were absolutely up to my alley. I checked for the label, “without contract” – how so? Once again, I asked myself why awesome music like this, still couldn’t arouse interest of any record label, and also how some other bands/singers got around to their contracts.   Furyon   offered the CD   Gravitas   as a Collector’s Edition in their web-shop. Had to have it absolutely. Ordered, delivered, into the player, pushed the start button – and then I experienced a surprise package of the quite special musical kind.

And it was a great info for me that, finally, a label recognised the huge skill and potential of this band > the CD is released on March 23rd, 2012 via Frontier Records. It contains two additional acoustic bonus tracks.

The   Gravitas  release of 2010 offers 10 tracks, the album was produced by Rick Beato. And as mentioned above: initially without label, but knitted and distributed by the band itself. Ten songs, which present a first-class mixture of various rock & metal styles, a really unconventional catchy mixture. Rich in variety, very interesting and surprising. The latter is especially applies to the composition of the tracks, in some cases even rad. I mean “rad” in veriest positive way, because it is something, that I like very much in music: not to stick with the standard construction plan, and not to know where to the song will evolve. When the pace is changing over and over again, and the surprise is not just between the tracks but also in between a track. Two or three of that “creative-construction-kind” on one album – that’s it.

The whole   Furyon   team harmonises very well together. The sound rumbles tremendous out of the speakers, and also the calmer moments of the album are convincing with their special powerful gentleness. Responsible for the rhythm are drummer Lee Farmery and bass player Alex Bowen. They strike as if there were no tomorrow. In the slower passages they show their skills in stroking their equipment, too. Both guitar players, Chris Green and Pat Heath are phenomenal, they enchant me with their dedication. The solos are brilliant and what they deliver around that – just killer. Puuuuh, I could listen to them for hours. The longer instrumental parts of some songs are perfectly suitable  to show extensively the skills of the guys on their instruments. You have to enjoy in this music to the full, to listen accurately and I can never get enough of it.

That’s also because of my most important evaluation factor – what’s the hottest music, if the man at the micro can’t score ? Matt Mitchell is able to do it, in extraordinary way and with a goosebump-factor. He tops it all off. His rough-smoky-scratchy voice has the certain something, that can put a spell on me. Matt is really one of the best rock singers I met on CD since years. He isn´t just singing the lyrics, he acts them out, intensely, with his voice and with all emotions. And exactly this is definitely an important aspect for me, because what is sung, should also convincingly get to me. Speaking of lyrics : they’re worth to be listened detailed.

There are “only” ten tracks, however they bring a significant running time. Large share have two mega-heavyweights of more than eight minutes, one with more than seven minutes and one with more than six minutes. In general I think: you have to listen to these long tracks several times, also sometimes to concentrate to just one single instrument and to enjoy the skills of this respective band member – that´s it. For certain the songs are live pure power packs, the more because some refrains animate extremely to bellow along (go and ask my neighbours *lol*). In the video-clips of   Disappear Again   and   Don´t Follow   you can check the action on stage. It’s just you want to witness that on location and not only watching the clip. So I hope   Furyon   will show their faces on German stages soon.

Since more than one year this CD is running over and over again in my player. Actually you can quote all ten tracks as a song suggestion, but I take the three, which are special outstanding for me:

Disappear Again   –   great speed, intoxicating, chorus jumps into the ear, great guitar solo. They catched me with this song, so it has a particular importance for me.

Desert Suicide   –   8.17 minutes running time and every second of it is a special treat. The singing in the slower parts of this track is the cream of the crop. Several pace changes, one of the most interesting tracks in terms of composition, a musical surprise-egg of superlatives.

Souvenirs   –   just hot, 8:02 minutes pure fun. This song has a very special rhythm drive, banging into your legs. And when you think, now the track ends – no, they start again.

Furyon   rocks with passion and heart, full power, melodic, hard, but also soulful. They convince all along the line. The outstanding guitar work, a rhythm section with power and besides this frenzy voice - simply electrifying. And I want more of that, much more.   Furyon   have been among my personal Top 3 Newcomers 2010, the album is a killer. As I can assume the CD as “new” now, and it counts for the polls of 2012,   Gravitas   gets>

Ankh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh Review
7 out of 7 Ankhs

plus Scarab

Marion Ney / Sarkophag Rocks
(Complement 17.03.2012)

Translation by Marion Ney


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