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John Wetton

Raised In Captivity
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01. Lost For Words


             (feat. Steve Morse)


02. Raised In Captivity


             (feat. Robert Fripp)


03. Goodbye Elsinore


             (feat. Steve Hackett)


04. The Last Night Of My Life


             (feat. Alex Machacek)


05. We Stay Together





Release: 01.07.2011

06. The Human Condition



             (feat. Tony Kaye)


Label: Frontiers Records

07. Steffi's Ring



             (feat. Geoff Downes)


Format: Jewelcase-CD

08. The Devil And The Opera House



             (feat. Eddie Jobson)



09. New Star Rising



             (feat. Mick Box)



10. Don't Misunderstand Me


John Wetton Homepage

             (feat. Tony Kaye)



11. Mighty Rivers           



             (feat. Anneke Van Giersbergen)







John Wetton

Sänger, Bass, Akkustikgitarre, Keyboards

Billy Sherwood

alle Instrumente, außer wie oben und in der Trackliste vermerkt







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The sixth solo album from John Wetton is titled   Raised In Captivity   and was released on 01.07.2011 via Frontiers Records. The CD was produced and mixed by Billy Sherwood.

John Wetton has been a professional musician since the late 60s - solo, in duets, being in various bands such as   King Crimson,   Uriah Heep,   Asia,   and some more. He's a man of many talents, because he is a singer, songwriter, producer, and he plays several instruments. Most of the time you could see and hear him live as a bassist. For me he's very popular since   Asia 's   first album, and a new CD is always welcome!

Raised In Captivity   is no album you listen to while doing other things. You should listen closely to the lyrics and enjoy the music. Johns voice is in top form and still sounds fresh. Eleven tracks offer a highly diversified mix of faster and slower songs. Many of them have the ability to surprise with the song structure or how the instruments have been arranged. They offer great choral singing, convey emotions, they give you the creeps and make your feet tap to the rhythm.

John gets top-notch support from his long-time colleagues like e.g. Steve Morse, Steve Hackett and Geoff Downes, just to name three of them (a list of persons involved can be found above) - they, Billy and John are doing an impressive and superb job. With every listen I discover something I previously missed... I love that 'cause this is what makes the CD very interesting. This is, imho, a CD that reveals its full musical effect after the second or third listen.

I recommend:

Mighty Rivers   –   is a duet with the Dutch singer Anneke Van Giersbergen, the voices complement each other very well. A classical choir leads us to a slow and very soulful song. Orchestral background music and perfect use of guitars. 5:26 minutes offer a sense of excitement that give you the creeps.

Lost For Words   –   my favorite of the faster tracks. A cool song that rocks, the verses are great. There's a great use of choral singing, and also an excellent guitar solo.

Goodbye Elsinore   –   this is a very beautiful, slow song with a nice orchestration: it starts with the sound of an accordion, followed by bass and acoustic guitar, later followed by all other instruments and a magnificent choral singing. Excellent guitar parts!

One thing bothers me: too many repeated text strings, which results in a small point deduction ;-) In sum,   Raised In Captivity   is very well done and convincing, with some rocking songs, but especially the slower tracks and the lyrics are what make this album special. It gets>

Ankh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh Review
6 out of  7 Ankhs

Marion Ney / Sarkophag Rocks

Translation by Susanne Blum


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