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01. City Of Hope


02. Edge Of The Moment


03. Chain of Love


04. Tantra


05. Anything Is Possible


06. Resonate


07. She’s A Mystery


08. Human Feel


09. Ritual



10. To Whom It May Concern


Release: 27.05.2011

11. Someone



12. Venus


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In 1978 I heard that song   Wheel In The Sky   from a band called   Journey   and, wow, they're great! I bought the single, later the LP - and since then, I'm a fan. All this was a long time ago but this band still exists. Their new CD   Eclipse   hit the streets on 5. May 2011 through Frontiers Records. Producer is Kevin Shirley.

Journey   are to blame that I'm an expert now - an expert for chasing CD's and DVD's that have only been published in foreign countries. Bands like   Journey   don't get seven Ankhs just because of their name or the fact that I adore this band. I demand high standards from the bands I love and their CDs. They only get maximum rating after I've listened to all songs for the third time. And yes, I was really happy that   Eclipse   could satisfy me completely.

The digital pre-release of   City Of Hope   was a blast and gave an idea of what will come up next. But a single song can be deceptive, so I first had to listen to all tracks on the CD. I really like it when a band remains true to its style but constantly develop, add new things, but without losing itself. You hear   Journey   and it´s fresh, powerful, but also a little bit different. The line up changed over the years, a member from the very beginning: Neal Schon. He has been added to my personal Top 3 guitarists a long time ago.

On   Eclipse   Neal is doing a superb job again, he offers top-notch melodies, riffs and solos, he performs magic on a very high level. His guitar has a strong presence and I really like it. Keyboarder Jonathan Cain shows that a keyboard is worth listening to, even in rock music. Bassist Ross Valory and drummer Deen Castronovo are one of the best rhythm teams the music scene has to offer. These four musicians add that special something to the songs by the way they use their instruments. They don't just play straight, no, they celebrate their parts, play in a class of its own and every time I listen to it, I discover something new. These four guys are completely in their element on   Venus,   an instrumental track and really worth listening!

Singer Arnel Pineda is the "baby of the family" who joined the group in 2007 -   Eclipse   is the second CD he did with   Journey...   and he has a great voice. He pours his heart and soul into the lyrics - no matter what he sings, a ballad or a faster song, he's able to get across everything. It's pretty clear: Arnel is singing - so I don't want to comment it or compare with previous voices of   Journey.   Arnel Pineda is doing a fantastic job and makes me really happy! And of course the parts for several voices, which are characteristic for   Journey,   should not be missing and sound brilliant.

Neal wrote the songs together with Jonathan and with the support of Arnel for two songs. I love   Journey's   lyrics, and on   Eclipse   they again have a deeper meaning and a message, they make you think about it - it's no pointless "lalala". All 12 tracks have a creditable runtime and there are five with a running time of more than six minutes. The CD offers a great mix of slow and fast tracks; altogether catchy melodies that don't get boring or annoying.

You should listen to... Track 1 - 12 :-) Yep, right, but to make it easier for you, I suggest my current faves:

Edge Of The Moment   –   I really really love the lyrics, the guitars and Arnels voice. Right from the start, this was one of my Top 3 songs.

Human Feel   –   the drums are superb, especially the parts at the beginning and the end. Guitar and keyboard kick ass. This rocks, I love it!

Tandra   –   a slower track with Arnel supported by Jonathan on piano playing a beautiful solo, later accompanied by the other instruments. A perfectly arranged song that makes my flesh creep!

With this CD,   Journey   definitely hit the bull's eye. It's intoxicating, inspiring, also written, played and recorded with a lot of passion!!! I really hope this band will enthrall people for a very long time. And now I add   Eclipse   to my collection where it will stand right next to   Double Eclipse   from   Hardline   (Neal Schon's side project. If you don't know the album> listen to it!).

I have already revealed my rating in the above text, so let's make it official now>

Ankh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh Review
 7 out of 7 Ankhs

Marion Ney / Sarkophag Rocks

Translation by Susanne Blum


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