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King Kobra

King Kobra
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01. Rock This House


02. Turn Up The Good Times


03. Live Forever


04. Tear Down The Walls


05. This Is How We Roll


06. Midnight Woman


07. We Got A Fever


08. Top Of The World


09. You Make It Easy



10. Cryin' Turns To Rain


Release: 15.04.2011

11. Screamin' For More



12. Fade Away


Label: Frontiers Records






Format: Jewelcase-CD







Paul Shortino


King Kobra @ Facebook

David Michael-Philips



Mick Sweda



Johnny Rod



Carmine Appice





I was really looking forward to   King Kobra's   new CD. The band was formed in the 80ies and published two albums I bought for my collection. So they were my faves during my earlier rock-loving years.

In 2010 the band reemerged with almost the original line-up! The man behind the microphone has changed but Paul Shortino's belter perfectly fits to the music. Two guitarists, a bass and drums - for me, THAT´S an ideal rock band.

The album title is the same as the band name - easy to remember! And the 12 tracks on the album offer a lot - wow!!! I felt like I had been transported back to the good old times, but that doesn't mean it sounds frumpy. It really does not - fresh and crisp it rocks, in different tempi, but always with an optimum of power. All songs are very catchy - an excellent mix! With the slower tracks   Crying Turns To Rain   and   Fade Away  the album offers something for the heart, too.

Energetic sound roars out of the boxes and into your ears. David Michael Philips and Mick Sweda on guitar work flat out and satisfy wholeheartedly. The album is very guitar dominated, with a lot of great riffs and solos. Carmine Appice on drums - 'nuff said, that guy is a legend. He rocks, awesome!!! Together with bassist Johnny Rod he builds a top-notch rhythm unit. Paul Shortino's voice is the cherry on top - rough, grungy, bluesy... that's pure rock. He's able to sing hard and soft, loud and quiet, wild and con amore - that belter gives me constant spine-tingling moments. The polyphonic parts are great, too.

What songs should I choose? It's hard, but after thinking about it for a while >

We Got A Fever   –   grooves like hell. It starts with a great interaction between the voice and the instruments, has a great structure and superb guitars!!!

Midnight Woman   –   has that special rhythm, the drums are pushing this song. Fantastic guitars and a gorgeous solo.

Turn Up The Good Times   –   it rocks and you rock along with the guitars. A scream at the beginning, followed by Paul's outstanding vocals and his brilliant voice in general - but this is what you can say about every single track on this album :-)

One negative thing – a constant problem for me, I can't help it, are those continuous repeats of lyrics. I don't like that, sorry. But everything else is just great...

This Kobra might be a little bit older but she's still speedy and snaps as quick as lightning. And if she caught you, the CD will play on heavy rotation. I rate>

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6 out of 7 Ankhs

Marion Ney / Sarkophag Rocks

Translation by Susanne Blum


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