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The Lord Of Steel





01. The Lord Of Steel


02. Manowarriors


03. Born In A Grave


04. Righteous Glory


05. Touch The Sky


06. Black List


07. Expendable


08. El Gringo


09. Annihilation



10. Hail Kill And Die





Digital Download> 16.06.2012



Physical CD> 07.09.2012






Label: Magic Circle Music









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Eric Adams


Manowar Homepage

Karl Logan

Guitar & Keyboards

Manowar @ MySpace

Joey DeMaio

Bass, Guitar & Keyboards

Manowar @ Facebook

Donnie Hamzik

Drums & Percussion

Magic Circle Music




Manowar  and Magic Circle Music proudly released the 12th studio album - named  The Lord Of Steel  -  as digital download on June 16th, 2012. The physical CD will be in the stores later this year, on September 7th, 2012. The album offers 10 tracks and was recorded in Wisseloord Studios in The Netherlands. The song  El Gringo  is the soundtrack for the movie with the same title.

Like every fan I was very excited how the CD will sound like. High quality is guaranteed, because we know that  Manowar  always go for the best quality, at the recording studio, and e.g. in the choice of the speakers and the instruments, too. This album is not a concept album like  Gods Of War  but it is more in the line of the re-recorded  Battle Hymns 2011.

For me it is very clear that they got the inspirations for this new songs after they re-recorded  Battle Hymns 2011.  The themes they used on  The Lord Of Steel  are similar to the older albums, from  Battle Hymns  to  Warriors Of The World.

As I listened to the CD for the first time and I heard Eric voice, I really was thinking that time stands still. His voice has still so much power and is so clear.

Joey shows us again that he is the master on his bass and that he knows what he wants in musically way, how everything must sound. I can really say that he knows what he is talking about because every song is perfect in everything - the sound, the vocals, the music and the lyrics - like it was by all the albums. Joey demonstrate his skills as songwriter, too. Moreover he made the recordings and he engineered, edited and produced almost all songs.

Karl shows more and more that he has the skill to play guitar as if he had been a band-member from the beginning. I hear a totally other way of guitar-playing and this way fits very good. He co-wrote two songs too, and in this way he presented his qualities as songwriter again.

Donnie returned on the drums in 2009 and many of us only know him from the albums  Battle Hymns  and  Battle Hymns 2011. He really push such a lot power into the songs with his energetic drumming.

Now it is time to name a few songs as my favourites but that will be a very hard job because I like the whole album very much.

Hail Kill And Die  is a must in my list of favourites. I think: this song is so clever written because if I listen to it carefully, I can find all album titles from  Battle Hymns  until  Gods Of War,  and many song-titles from this albums in the lyrics. It is also a very good sing-along song by concerts. (Note: On the album  Kings Of Metal  there is the song  Blood Of The Kings  and the text is written in the same way).

Manowarriors  is dedicated to all  Manowar  fans in the world, who are loyal to the band for many years. It´s the same like on the older albums: they always write a song to show how proud they are to have these fans.  Manowar  is one of the bands who say thanks. But it is not only the text about the fans - the music is also very good. It begins with a guitar-solo intro by Karl, then Joey and Donnie starts to play too. Last but not least Eric shows his skill and towards the end of the track he let out his well-known screams.

I could write more and more about every song. But it is a must to listen to  The Lord Of Steel  self and to let you find out that it is a jewel in the crown, and a must-have for your collection. Let the CD spin in your player over and over again. My rate:

Ankh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh Review
7 out of 7 Ankhs

plus Scarab

Hans Clijnk / Sarkophag Rocks


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