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Power Quest

Blood Alliance
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01. Battle Stations


02. Rising Anew


03. Glorious


04. Sacrifice


05. Survive


06. Better Days


07. Crunching The Numbers


08. Only In My Dreams


09. Blood Alliance



10. City Of Lies


Release: 25.03.2011






Label: Napalm Records






Format: Jewelcase-CD








Chity Somapala


Power Quest Homepage

Andy Midgley


Power Quest @ Facebook

Gavin Owen



Paul Finnie



Steve Williams



Rich Smith





The british band   Power Quest   belongs to the genre "Melodic Power Metal". Their latest creation is called   Blood Alliance   and was published on March 25th, 2011, through Napalm Records.

Mastermind Steve Williams and his five fellows present their first CD with the new line up - and there have been a lot of changes. How do these changes affect the work, how does the new man on the mic sound like? The answers were just a click on "play" away. Soon it was clear that these six guys harmonize perfectly; and the music has gotten better rather than worse - a vigorous album!

The new singer Chity Somapala fits perfectly - he was a good choice. His powerful voice comes clear, sometimes raspy out of the speakers. Talking about the parts sung in several voices > kudos to the   Power Quest   backing vocalists. The guitarists Gavin Owen and Andy Midgley, and the keyboarder Steve Williams try to out-rock each other - superb solos, fantastic riffs and hooklines that go in your ear and stay in your head. I usually don't like keyboards but if they rock like this one... thumbs up! The rhythm section is covered by bassist Paul Finnie and drummer Rich Smith. Both are doing a fantastic job, especially the driving drums rock like hell - here the musicians can prove their mastery.

All songs provide remarkable length except song No.1,   Battle Stations,  an instrumental track which is only 1:46 minutes short. Why are these short tracks called "songs"? Unfortunately, this happens quite often. Such short track could be an intro for a song, but to list it as a separate song in the album's tracklist, well, I think nothing about it. Most of the songs have an interesting structure, they are surprising and all of them rock. This album is great fun 'cause with every listen you discover new instrumental aspects you haven't heard before.

If you wanna know what this album is like, check out:

Sacrifice   –   my No.1 in an instant. This track has that special something. Great vocals, the two six-strings sound gorgeous, the guitarists are doing an excellent job, wow!

Glorious  –   the first notes of the guitar already caught me. A perfect refrain to sing along, the song puts you in a good mood and your feet are tapping to the music.

Blood Alliance   –   9:05 top-notch minutes. A stormy atmosphere at the beginning, but musically and vocally a pure summer feeling.

There's nothing to complain about except the point, the short track, I already wrote about earlier - but the other nine tracks make up for that.

I have a problem with all those sub-genres of rock and metal. Do we really need them? Soon the music of every single band will have its own genre, but for me there's only "rock" and "metal" and "I like it" or "I don't like it". And I like this album, so I rate>

Ankh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh Review
7 out of 7 Ankhs

Marion Ney / Sarkophag Rocks

Translation by Susanne Blum


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