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Broken Heart Syndrome
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01. No Solution Blues


02. King Of Your Dreams


03. Devil's Daughter


04. This Could Be Paradise


05. Broken Heart Syndrome


06. When Destiny Calls


07. Blind Man


08. Heal My Pain


09. The Heavens Are Burning



10. Don't Take My Heart


Release: 25.02.2011

11. I'm In Heaven



12. Wings Of Fury


Label: AFM Records







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13. Strangers Lost In Time


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David Readman


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Alex Beyrodt


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Mat Sinner



Jimmy Kresic



Markus Kullmann




This is my first CD review for this page and I chose a brilliant one for my premiere. I have to admit I didn't know the Album No. 1 of Alex Beyrodts   Voodoo Circle; this bands music was totally new to me. The line up sounds very promising, those five guys are well-known because of their work for other projects. Their second creation entitled   Broken Heart Syndrome   hits the street on February 25th, 2011 (AFM Records). I think everyone who loves the classic rock of the 70's and 80's will love that album... so listen to it... and buy it! ;-)

I was totally fascinated by each of the 12 tracks. Let me compare the sound with the one I usually call "the good old times of rock" - but these songs sound fresh and dynamic. They're diversified in composition and tempo, always powerful, but also soft and soulful. Each track is a great experience and makes you want to hear more. You'll love to get surprised by each track and to hear what the next song will bring and sound like. It contains a huge dose of rock, exactly the right dose of blues and both has been mixed with a lot of heart and soul.

The way of playing the guitar was another thing that fascinated me completely - I could've listened to it for hours. Since every guitarist has its own style, I don't want to compare. What Alex Beyrodt does on this album is terrific. How he plays the strings, the solos, the "dialog" with the keys, wow!!! Jimmy Kresic on keys plays the hammond organ sound I love. Mat Sinner's work on bass and Markus Kullmann's work behind his drums is no mean feat. The whole package fits more than great, but you always need a good voice, too - and with David Readman   Voodoo Circle   put the cherry on the cake. He sings with so much feeling and passion, knows how to run from mild to wild, his voice rocks but also strokes. Also the parts sung in two voices or the polyphonic ones sound just great. Those five musicians do a fantastic job. This is an album that blows you away from the first till the very last second.

All tracks are very catchy and you can't get them out of your head once they're in. So it's hard to find songs to recommend - I chose these four tracks:

Devil´s Daughter   -   my heavy fave. 6:41 minutes long and a fascinating composition. It starts smooth but the refrain packs a wallop! It's no fast song, but a very catchy tune. The interaction between guitar and keyboard at the end of this song... brilliant.

Blind Man   –   we all know men of that kind... A really special treat for 5:20 minutes: a calm larghetto track with lots of blues inside, so you can relax, listen to the lyrics, think about it, enjoy the music and get bewitched by David's voice and the sound of guitar and keyboard.

This Could Be Paradise   –   an upbeat track, your feet start tapping to the beat, the rhythm shows something special. Great polyphonic parts.

Broken Heart Syndrome   –   the title track offers a full, rich sound and great guitars with brilliant solos. My neighbors should know that song very well 'cause this song needs full blast - and it's a must to sing along with David and his choir.

Perhaps we should add a special award for the CD cover... 'cause this album will get the highest possible rating. You don't need a high-tech super cool artwork for your cover - guitar and amp are more than enough and can tell so much...

I cannot find even the slightest fault with this CD, which happens once in a blue moon. So for me there's only one way to review 'n' rate:

Ankh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh ReviewAnkh Review
7 out of 7 Ankhs

Marion Ney / Sarkophag Rocks

Translation by Susanne Blum


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