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In Progress





01. The Rain


02. Nature Of The Game


03. Once Again


04. Never Love Again


05. Eye Of The Storm


06. Until You Believe


07. The Great Fall


08. Call On Me


09. Emelie



10. Fall Down


Release: 26.08.2011

11. Castaway


Label: Frontiers Records

12. One Step Away









Videoclip The Great Fall







Lars Säfsund


Work Of Art @ MySpace

Robert Sall

Guitar, Keyboard

Work Of Art @ Facebook

Herman Furin


Frontiers Records









On 26.08.2011 the second album of the Swedish band  Work Of Art,   In Progress,  will be released through Frontiers Records. The CD offers 12 tracks, labeled as AOR/Melodic Rock.

Drummer Herman Furin and guitarist/keyboarder Robert Sall have known each other for a long time. The band already formed in 1992, 15 years later singer Lars Sarfsund joined the party. You can read more on this, as well as a lot of info about the album and the guys, in our SarkoTalk-Interview with Herman and Robert.

The echoes of the bands biggest musical influences cannot be hidden - but they don't just copy their heroes.  Work Of Art  have developed their own sound that could already be heard on their first album  Artwork  but sound more perfect and intensive now.

Lars Sarfsund's appealing and interesting voice sounds pretty good, especially when he sings the high notes. He's really someone who's able to transfer the lyrics; no matter if it's a faster or a slower track - Lars can convince!!!

The album offers well-written and comprehensible lyrics, and you know the feelings, emotions and situations he's singing about from your personal experience. All tracks are very catchy and get stuck in your ear right after the first notes. Well written choruses to die for, beautiful melodies, virtuoso rhythm work, drums and bass restrained but still driving. Guitar fireworks with some nice solos and a lot of keyboard sound in different variations. Some songs brighten up the listener's mood, others are more thought-provoking. It's a good mixture of immediate hitting stuff and midtempo tracks, but something's missing...

The good old ballad - I love such stuff and I miss one, especially because Lars' voice would sound great singing a slow song. Another point of criticism: keyboards are used too frequently, guitars too short or too harmless. Vice versa would've been better...

There's a video for  The Great Fall  but I cannot say anything about it. It's not possible to watch this video in Germany, all you can see is the well-known phrase "This video is not available in your country... blablabla". As soon as things change, I'll add a link.

I recommend:

Castaway  –  wow, a great track and my No. 1 in no time!!! The guitars and Lars' voice> fucking great; especially the verses are brilliant. Excellent structure. This song makes you longing for more, more, more!!!

One Step Away  –  I really love the refrain, the polyphonic parts are well done. There's an instrumental and pretty interesting part at the end of this song.

Never Love Again  –  a fast track. Great> the vocal parts. A pretty catchy chorus, a cool guitar solo and a speedy rhythm that blows you away.

In Progress  is very well-done and will surely get many listeners among AOR and Melodic Rock fans - myself included, but I also have to admit I'm having some difficulty with the excessive usage of keyboards.  Work Of Art  have huge potential and will surely achieve a great deal. My rating for this album is:

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