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Skylar Feigel/Craw NeQuent/Connor Garritty/Nicholas Diltz

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Connor, first I would like to say thank you very much for this interview. Please excuse, my English isn´t perfect. Here we go:
No worries, it´s my pleasure! And please excuse me, my German is horrible! ahahah

Your first album  All Hail The Yeti  was released on August 17th, 2012, through AFM Records. How are the reactions, from your fans and the press? Are you content with the feedback?
The feedback has been incredible, our old fans and new ones all seem to love the new songs, and the artwork. The press has been very kind thus far. There hasn’t been much under 8 outta 10 so that’s really exciting for us! We are ready now to get on the road and show the world what we have. Our live show is what sets us apart!


The CD is amazing, the songs are really impressing – congratulation! For me, it is one of my Top 5 albums of 2012! Could you please introduce your band mates and tell us a bit about the history of the band?
Wow top 5 that’s really awesome, there has been a lot of great releases this year, so that is a bold statement, thank you!

All Hail The Yeti  is:
Connor, lead vocals
Nicholas, bass, vocals
Skylar, drums, vocals
Craw, guitar, vocals

I started the band a few years back. My vision has always been to do something different from what is “popular” right now. I wanted to write music that I enjoyed listening to. Not what was going to sell records. So we kept our heads to the ground and did what we wanted. There is no gimmick, nothing is contrived.  All Hail The Yeti  is us , it´s in our blood, and it has been since day one. We are all followers of something. This band is my cult!

I watched some live-videos in the internet, made by fans, with different band line-ups. Since when Nicholas, Skylar, Craw and you are  All Hail The Yeti?
We´ve had some line up changes over the years, but the band that you see now is  All Hail The Yeti. Craw is the newest member. Skylar has been in place for sometime now, and Nick has been the longest other than me. This line up now is the strongest we´ve ever been. It feels right, like we are a family. Brothers ready to take on the world!

I love every song but I can´t ask about the background from every one. Could you please tell me a little bit more about the story behind  After The Great Fire?
After The Great Fire  is a story of a lunatic asylum in the early 1900s. The nuns that ran it wanted to dispose of the problem children as quickly as they could. So they decided to lock the children in their ward and set it on fire. Well in doing so the fire spread and took the women’s lives as well. Now many years later the building is riddled with the energy of souls who have not passed. With so much negative emotion involved, the building has become a living entity itself , haunting all who enter it. The ghosts of innocent children and the spirits of these religious women wander freely inside the walls.


There are many special effects like crackling fire, spoken words like e.g. parts from a hypnotic trance session out of the horror movie „Session 9“, a long meditiation-section by  Judas Cradle  and a lot more. Who had this great ideas?
These were all ideas that I had been thinking of for years, certain ambiance that I thought would be perfect for an AHTY record. I wanted this record to be more of a story as well as music, the lyrics and the sounds in between just add to the atmosphere.

I like very much how the voices from you and Nicholas harmonize in singing. At which time you decide, how the voice parts have to sound – during writing the songs, with the rehearsals, in studio during the recording sessions or is it different from song to song?
Nothing is ever planned with us. The songs that have Nick singing on them were because it felt right. We don’t have a formula for our writing process. Except to write songs that we like. So sometimes during the writing a singing part will come up. Sometimes while tracking. By the time we get into the studio the whole thing could change once our producer gets his hands on it and the ideas start flowing. It is very important for us to do what comes naturally!

Your lyrics are great. What are the most important inspirations for you when you are writing songs? Do you have to be in a special mood and/or do you need special ambience to be creative?
Thanks! Again it´s never anything that is thought out. I go from phases in my life where I´ll write everyday. Then I won´t for months. Things that inspire me are, ghost stories, paranormal, death, life, satan, paganism, the death of Christianity. Cryptozoology, UFOs, insane asylums. Fuck, the list goes on. I have a strange way at seeing this world we live in. So for me being in a non literal existence is where I´m happy. Almost a fantasy or alter reality is where I like to live.


Your band name sounds a bit... strange and mystical. Who came up with the idea to name the band  All Hail The Yeti?
The name was originally just Yeti, but for legal reasons we had to find something that was not already in use.  All Hail The Yeti  was a moniker we used to chant during our shows for crowd participation. We had some T-shirts made with that printed on them. All our web stuff had that name already so it just seemed to fit. The yeti in relation to this band is more about the elusiveness of the creature and the fear that it still has never been caught or scientifically proven. The yeti myth has terrified generations of humans. Almost every culture has their own version of this type of humanoid bipedal creature. These tales have been documented for hundreds even thousands of years. The actual image of the animal wasn’t what we went for but the sheer size and magnitude of this monster! That cannot be stopped! Hail this monster!! All Hail The Yeti!!

What does this first full length album mean for you – did a dream come true?
More than a dream come true!! This is like the biggest award I could ever receive! You work so hard at something for so many years. Then one day someone comes along and understands, and appreciates the hard work! It feels so good to know that people believe in us! This record has so much blood sweat and tears pushed into it. Nobody could really stop it from coming out!!

There's a very well done video for the song  The Art Of Mourning, with a great atmosphere which perfectly fits the song – a short western and the band members are to see as musicians and actors. Where did you film it and how did it feel for you to act and to „die“ in the clip?
We shot this clip in Vancouver BC Canada. In July. This was a really cool experience, the director is an old friend of mine and he is in the film industry so it worked out perfect. He and I have done numerous paranormal investigations together. One being in the famous tombstone Arizona, where the battle at the O.K. Corral took place. So with the song being about a gunslinger whose wife is murdered by his old posse, it seemed right to do it the way we did. Rob (director) went above and beyond for us. Prosthetics, blood, real live 357s, and even a full stunt team to rig me up in a harness to make my hanging look authentic! All in all it was an amazing time. And we are already planning the next one!


The CD cover looks real cool - who designed it?
The CD artwork concept was something I came up with. My brother Laim Garritty does all of our design work. The first EP, our merch. So I explained the general idea and he nailed it. All the drawings on the inside are done by hand by him, down to the layout and colour separations.

Your music-style is special and fascinating. How would you describe your music in your own words?
That has always been the toughest question for me. Our music is an extension of ourselves. It´s who we are. Heavy Metal, with no smoke and mirrors, no tricks. We are “No Core“.

Is there a chance to see you live on stage in Europe soon - and, pretty interesting for me - perhaps in Germany too?
Europe is he first place we are coming after touring North America. I would say early next year hopefully, and yes Germany for sure!

All band members have great tattoos and you own a tattoo-studio. Do you „decorate“ your mates self? ;-)
I have done some tattoos for the other guys, but most of us have all been getting tattooed for a long time. Long before the start of this band!


What is on your plan for the next months?
We are just waiting to get on the road. Some plans for a west coast US tour in November! After that is unknown for us!

What CDs are spinning in your CD/MP3 player the most these days?
Finally someone asks me this question. Hahaha. I have a very eclectic music collection. I prefer Vinyl records to MP3s but most times that is not very practical!

Witchcraft,  Acid Bath,  EyeHateGod,  Asteroid,  Graveyard,  Watain,  The Devil’s Blood,  Katatonia,  Fever Ray,  Bat For Lashes,  Baroness,  Dunderbeist,  Sleep,  Buzzoven,  Black Anvil,  Dark Throne,  Satyricon,  Gorgoroth,  Junius,  Down,  Oathbreaker,  Blowback,  Horn Of The Rhino,  Portishead,  Alice In Chains,  Creedence Clearwater Revival,  Terry Reid,  Jeff Buckley,  Gonga,  Mastodon. Fuck, this list could go on for a while!! Haha

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
Thank you to everyone that has supported us! To the new fans we will see you soon, spread the word!

God is but a creation of man
Follow us to find yourselves
We are the saviours of truth
And the demise of the holy lies!!

Thanks for your time. We wish you all the best and a lot success with the CD - you really deserve it.
Thank you for your time! Looking forward to seeing you in Germany soon!

Photos ©2012 by Henry Diltz





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