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Craig, we want to talk about your second album Vertigo in a full length interview very soon. Here are 5 short questions about the current Tara’s Secret situation:

Tara´s Secret had to find a new drummer. Can you please introduce the new band-member Simon Perkins?
After JT was dismissed (no comment!!) we had a show to play that week and had French Freddie stand in, he’s a superb session drummer and the songs all sounded so fresh and lively again, so we agreed that our new drummer had to have this impact also. We’ve had many drummers apply – some “without cars”, one who asked “if he needs to bring his drum kit to rehearsals” and a few more serious inquiries and MP3s. Simon came along and completely re-vitalised the album songs we played through. We then said we’d try a couple of new song ideas we had worked on and he nailed those first time through, we were all so overwhelmed when we finished each song and really couldn’t stop smiling. Add to that he seems like a really decent guy too, with a very good attitude. We cancelled all the other applicants and recruited Simon pretty damn quickly!!

How many guys did you check before you found the right man for this job?
Loads of MP3s and excuses, Simon was the first and last audition.

One gig you had to cancel, the rehearsals with the new line-up have to be done. How hard or easy is it to rock in best way when a new member is now on stage with the „old“ guys that know each other since years?
Rehearse well, have a few notes taped to the floor and keep good eye contact. If we mess up, then 1, 2, 3, 4 and play the chorus!! Well, that’s the plan anyway, it´s Rock n Roll, not the Hadron Collider.

You planned to make a videoclip. Did you have to change the timetable, at which time the clip will be ready?
No, JT didn’t turn up and we’d had enough of his ways, so we just got on with the work. It’s just the band members with a few different backgrounds and a superb  Rock n Roll Beauty Queen, Felicity Burrows-Flower, who played the runaway girl with stars in her eyes that the song is about. It’s not a happy story to this song, so we’re not making a happy video, it´s pretty dark. The shots have all gone for mixing now – another Simon, who made some fan made videos for songs off our last album (see  Train Of Love  &  In Movies  at is doing the mix, so we’re really looking forward to seeing the results. The song is over 5 minutes long and no single shot will last much more than 3-4 seconds, so that’s a lot of clips to put together. It’s great to receive so much help and enthusiasm from guy like Simon and also from you Marion.

In concerts you can see, hear, feel the reaction of the fans and you can read it in social networks like MySpace and Facebook. All your accounts have no webmaster, Johnny and you do this work by yourselves. Is it important for you to have a close contact to the fans of Tara´s Secret and to know what they think about new songs, concerts and so on?
Of course it is. The other aspect is that we run our own label and arrange our own shows, the band is a hobby that seems to be pretty successful and we all give it our best effort. Maybe if the UK had more of a rock audience and media support, then we would be playing bigger shows and have more guys involved. Mark & Sheena at Magnum’s M2 studios (where we’ve recorded both albums) say they haven’t seen a band more focused on or prepared to analyse what they do. We’ll take that as a compliment!!


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