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Why you´ve chosen the band name   The Veer Union?
We chose the band name because   Veer   means to change direction and we wanted to change direction from our past bands and life experiences as one or as a   Union   to get back to what the music industry is missing in the mainstream rock world. We wanted to focus on making music that we felt from the heart, not really caring whether it´s going to change the wheel or not, just that it was real was the most important factor to us. At the end of the day we wanted to sit back and be proud of the record we made and I feel that we achieved that.

Can you please introduce the band members in your own words?
Eric (rhythm guitar and vocals) aka   Ricky Shade   is the guy in the band if you can't find him he is at the bar buying rounds and partying his ass off with everyone. Roots (bass) I would say Roots is our technical guy in the band, if we have a computer problem or question you go to Roots and he also likes to party. Fid (lead guitar) is the guitar whiz guy in the band, if have a gear question he’s the guy to go to. He also likes to party. Neil (drums) aka   Nature Boy. Neil is either at the bar partying after the show with everyone or outside behind a tree with a "new friend" lol.

You are younger ones, but no Rap, no HipHop - you rock :-) How you´ve found your way to the rock-music?
First of all we all listen to everything and are influenced by all music, but for myself I think it all started with   Led Zeppelin   and   Rush, these 2 bands paved the way in the music industry for so many bands showing true honest creativity. I also started out as a drummer and these 2 bands have 2 of the most influential drummers in history.

I first listened to your music in MySpace. This social networks seems to be the biggest chance to present music to the masses nowadays, right? How it looks in Canada with rock-music in Radio and TV, can you get much radio-airplay and TV-appearances?
As far as radio in North America, our first single went Top 10 in Canada and the USA on the active rock charts. And our video for Seasons also did very well on   Fuse. I was also personally on a TV show called   LA Ink   with   Kat Von D, so all of these things were great exposure for us.

Your first album is named   Against The Grain    – why did you decide to give the CD this title?
It is very easy when signing to a major label to have the label to force you to change your ways, we were dead against changing for the sake of selling records. As well as in the past it seemed that fate was telling me personally to give up on this career, but no matter what I didn't I decided to go   Against The Grain.

The videoclip of the song   Seasons   is very well done and fits real good to the lyrics. Who had the idea for the clip?
This was a collaboration between our video producer and ourselves, we were happy with the outcome.

One of my favourites on the album is   Breathing In   – a tender song with much power and very great vocals from you and Eric. How important is it for you to show in your songs/lyrics both sides – the rockers and the emotional men?
I don't think we look at our songs that way, I think it´s just a matter of a gut feeling when listening back if it´s right or not. You just know when it´s wrong or right, the same way a consumer says I like that song or not. We are our own worst critics.

An other favourite of me is   Seasons   - the first single, very successful and a new season started for the band. I like lyrics, which tell me something, have a statement – what is the story, the idea for   Seasons   lyrics?
It´s really simple actually, in life many people come up against an obstacle and give up or are so tainted by the traumatic event that they give up. Seasons   is a metaphor for starting over no matter what the circumstance. We all go through rough times in life but we are still here and as long as we live, we must enjoy life and carry on and learn from everything we experience, that’s what makes us human.

I´ve read, you are writing new songs for a second album during the tour at the moment. When will you go again into the studio?
We are currently in the studio now recording our next record and it is so far a much darker and heavier record than the previous record.

For the first album Eric and you wrote all songs, right? Are all band members take part and give influences to the songs of the second album or is it the work from Eric and you again?
Even if a single person writes the bulk of a song for example lyrics and music, it will always be the band that makes a songs dynamic or emotion shine through as this band will continue to do.

Your first album got very good critics. Is it easier for you after this positive reactions to write new songs or do you feel a kind of pressure to surpass the first album?
To be honest I have never really listened to critics, I think it´s a mute point due to everyone has an opinion. I think if a critics favourite band is the   Backstreet Boys   and they are doing a write up on us, it will mostly like not be a good one lol. Although does this mean that we are not a good band? I think it means that critics opinion was not in favour of our music and that’s ok.

If you have the free choice to cover one song in your very special   The Veer Union   style - which one do you choose?
I think 2 of the best bands in the world are   A Perfect Circle   and   The Deftones, we are currently working on a cover of   Passenger    from   Deftones   White Pony, keep check our   Facebook   and   MySpace   for updates.

In Canada and America you was on tour with bands like   Theory Of A Deadman,   Hinder,   Sick Puppies... Do you have plans to play some concerts in Europe soon – for me very interesting to know> in Germany?
There is nothing we would love to do more than come to Europe and play, I guess the more people we can get demanding us over there the more chance of us coming, so make sure if you´re reading this go to our   Facebook   and ADD US :)

How do you fix your great looking Iro? ;-)
LOL I snort lines of Viagra <jk> too much hairspray is the short answer.

Thank you very much for your time. We hope to find very soon tourdates for Germany in your tour-schedule! We wish you and the guys all the best –   The Veer Union   rocks!!!
Thank you so much for reaching out to   The Veer Union, we hope to see you in Germany soon :)


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