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A few infos about the band and the album Evans Blue



What a great video for Erase My Scars – came the ideas for the clip from the band alone, in cooperation with the producer or did you get a finished “script”?
Thank you. The video idea was more of a collaboration with the director, Adrien Picardi, my manager Mari Dew and myself. The lyrics were written around the impact of losing my nephew to brain cancer.

In the booklet from your album  Evans Blue  the whole band get credits for the songs. Please tell me: do you create all the songs in team-work or are some of you more for the music part and other ones for the lyric part responsible?
Everyone gets to put their hands on the song at some point. Typically I receive a guitar track from Parker and sometimes Vlad. I write all the lyrics and melody and record it as a demo on my pro-tools set up. I send it out to all the band members and we really dive into the song as a band.

I like songs very much, which tell a story, have a statement, catch me – your lyrics have done it. Is it for you the most important thing to present lyrics with a meaning and not blalala-texts?
I think you take more pride in a song that comes from real emotion. They are more relatable in my opinion. As a writer, it’s about finding that balance of expressing yourself while capturing the feeling of the music.

My personal Top 3 are  Erase My Scars, I Blame You  and  Bulletproof. But all songs have a special power, excellent work from guitars and drums - not to forget your great voice. Is it possible that you will play all songs in an acoustic set sometime?
I think all our songs can take on a new life done acoustically. I'd say it´s something we will eventually do in the future.

This year you re-released the album with F.O.F./EMI. How are the chances now to see you live on stage not only in Canada and America? Some fans in Germany are waiting... ;-)
We would love nothing more than to come play for you all! It’s just a matter of time and believe me, we are working on making that happen.

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