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Zuberoa & Gorka

Diabulus In Musica

Interview at MFVF 9


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Our MFVF 9 Special


We met female singer Zuberoa and keyboarder Gorka from the Spanish band  Diabulus in Musica  for a short interview at the MFVF 9. Two very simpatico musicians, we had a nice and funny talk with them.

We meet here at the MFVF 9. This was your second time at this festival. Yesterday I saw your performance and last year too. I was impressed both times. And we heard you have great news for us today - you signed with Napalm Records. How do you feel now as part of this label-family?

Zuberoa: We are very exited about because weīve seen that the bands from Napalm are very similar to our band. We were with the label Metal Blade before. We were the only Symphonic Metal band there and because of that it was a bit kind of difficult to promote ourself. With Napalm Records we feel much better. We are really happy that we can spread our music again.

Gorka: We are really impressed. We feel like we are in the right place.

In the right place where all the bands are similar to you and with the knowledge that good promotion will be done...

Zuberoa: Also touring, because they organize some tours with their bands. So it would be easier for us to play. This is very important.

Have you already recorded a CD which will be the first release with Napalm Records?

Gorka: Our second album and the first one with Napalm Records, yes. Itīs already recorded and now itīs in the mixing process. Well, if you have seen the videoclip, this sound is the one that is going to be on the CD. Itīs hard but at the same time it is warm. Itīs made by Jacob Hansen.

Zuberoa: Great sound, fantastic and powerful.

Who wrote the songs?

Gorka: All the band members.

Zuberoa: The lyrics are only my work but the music is everybody in  Diabulus In Musica. We usually work this way: only one person write a full song, for example me. Then I forward it to the others and they arrange a little bit what they think itīs better to do. But we finish the song all together.

Did you already decide on an album title or is it still nameless?

Zuberoa: We have the title but we are not sure if we can say it or not.

So itīs a secret yet - and maybe the release-date too - but you surely can tell us: how many tracks will be on the album?

Gorka: Ten songs.

Zuberoa: There are ten songs, but there are also two intros. I donīt remember now if they are with the songs or separated.

Gorka: The first one is separated.

Letīs say: 10 songs, maybe more, perhaps some as bonus tracks. People have to buy the CD...

Gorka: Correct.

Iīm from Germany. Have you ever played in Germany?

Zuberoa: Not yet. We would love to do it and of course we are interested to play there. Germany is a very important market and amazing in musical things... many bands, many great festivals there.

How it looks in Spain with Rock and Metal music in radio or TV? Do you have a chance to get some airplay?

Gorka: Not really. In Spain the heavy music is like we were 40 years ago. The bands are like old fashioned bands.

Zuberoa: Often they sing in Spanish, so itīs difficult too.

Gorka: If you play a keyboard or if your singer is a girl itīs like: oh you are too soft for us, so we donīt like it. Thatīs all. But you say: we played in Belgium, in Holland... and they say: well okay, but we are not interested. We feel like a newcomer there in our homecountry.

Zuberoa: I think, it usually happened in every country. If you are from this country then you are not interesting.

Gorka: I donīt know why, but they always see us as a local band. I donīt think that we are only a local band.

Zuberoa: Nevertheless there are a lot of young people who follow us, the new generation.

And I think the fan-base grows and grows...

Zuberoa: Yes, itīs growing.

I saw you for the first time live on stage. It was a great gig yesterday. It feels like you have a special harmony in the band...

Gorka: Thank you very much.

Zuberoa: Yes, we have, because we are a couple and the other guys are friends since years, many years. Itīs the feeling we have on stage, that is true, itīs like that, we are like that. We love each other.

You give it to the crowd and the crowd give it back to you and your harmony goes into the crowd as well – there is a special energy between the band and the fans, right?

Zuberoa: Absolutely. To feel that is amazing, for me it is the greatest thing. The reaction of the people and when you feel this energy we are talking about, totally impressing and amazing.

Gorka: Itīs easier to do it better, itīs cool.

What is on your plan for the next weeks?

Zuberoa: Well, we have to release some news about the album, as you said: the title of the album. Also some collaborations havenīt been announced yet, so stay tuned. And we also have to prepare a tour for the releasing of the album, maybe in February/March it will be released.

Would be nice to find Germany and The Netherlands added to this schedule. You will surely go on tour as support act not as headliner, right?

Zuberoa: We have to start as support band.

Gorka: We would prefer obviously to be the headliner, but we understand that it is better to go step by step.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

Gorka: Thank you for the interest.

Zuberoa: Thank you very much. And we hope you like the new album. It is really eclectic, a big step forward from  Secrets, the previous one. So we are looking for this release and hope you like it.

Thank you for the interview, it was very nice to meet you. We wish you all the best.

Both: Thank you so much.





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