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Eric Schraeder

Guitarist - The Veer Union



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In which age you started play guitar, who was your music-favourites in this time?
I started playing guitar around the age of 12-13, I really stared getting into song writing around the age of 16. I must say the very first guitar player I got into was Jimi Hendrix. I was also really into Slash from  GNR  and the most influential guitar player/songwriter would be Jerry Cantrell from  Alice In Chains.

How many guitars do you own, how many of them attend you on tour?
I have around 20 guitars, around 8 of them come on tour with me. I have a few that I grew up with that stay with my father in my home town in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island.

If someone would offer to create a signature model for you - how should your guitar looks and be named?
I really like the way the Les Paul looks and I am currently endorsed by them so who knows maybe one day I'll have my own Les Paul model. Not to sure what I would call it, probably something to do with my last name Schraeder.

You formed the band 2004 with Crispin and you both write the songs. Do you write in team-work or is one of you more for the music part and the other one for the lyric part responsible?
Every song is different. Some songs start with me playing a guitar riff and Spin will come in the room and start singing over it. There is a song on our record that Crispin wrote ten years ago. Spin does come in with the bulk of ideas. We write lyrics really well together, we have gone through similar experiences so we can relate.

You sing the second voice. I like the style very much how Crispin and you harmonize in singing. At which time you decide, how the voice parts have to sound – during writing the songs, with the rehearsals, in studio during the recording sessions or is it different from song to song?
It is different from song to song. I have a lower register voice so I do the lower singing stuff the majority of the time, Spin takes higher stuff. There is times in the studio where we will both sing the part and then decide what voice suits the part.


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