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Jim Matheos - Frank Aresti

Fates Warning

Interview in Amersfoort/NL


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When I was looking for info for this interview I found news about a project of you Jim together with Frank, Joey and Bobby and for the vocals you work with John Arch. Can you tell me how all get started?

Jim: Well that is a long story. I was working on a  Fates Warning  record and I have some material ready but Ray didn’t have time to put in and something´s going on. So instead waiting an other year for a  Fates Warning  record I was looking for more options and at the same time John was looking to write some new songs and in the past we did wrote together and that worked out very well.

The album will come out spring/summer 2011?

Jim: Yes, around June.

Are there plans for a tour with this project?

Jim: No, there will be no tour or concerts with this project at all because it is more a side project of me and John and John got no time to get on the road.

Does it sound like the old  Fates Warning  or totally different?

Jim: It sounds like me and John working together.

And Frank how was it for you to work on this project together with Jim and John?

Frank: Well I haven’t working with John but hearing him was a kind of weird it takes me back... So me and Jim are working like always but hearing John’s vocals a little different the last time I worked on music with John singing was on  Awaken The Guardian  (1986).

Does this means that  Fates Warning  are taking a break with Ray?

Jim: No, no. We are still working on a new record that will come out next year (2012). It really doesn’t effects  Fates Warning  in anyway it is not waiting John being new singer of  Fates Warning, it is just a project between me and John.

Jim and Frank, how many guitars do you have and what is your favourite guitar you got?

Jim: 10 or 12 guitars but I don’t worship guitars it is a powertool. I use them as a tool.

Frank: Thanks for saying that because I don’t collect guitars. I only got what I use and that is at the moment a Flying V and Gibson Les Paul and that is it. And I got some acoustic and I play the Flying V mostly because it is comfortable.

Jim: Well I got 10 or 12 guitars but not because I am a collector. I have them because each of them is a tool to get the perfect sound when you need it and you use the guitar that gives that sound.

What is the most favourite FW album and what the most favourite FW song?

Jim: Album is a little bit easy, I have to say it will be 3 albums:  A Pleasant Shade Of GrayParallels  and  Awaken The Guardian. About songs it will be harder because I have to pick 5 or 10 songs.

And for you Frank the same question...

Frank: For albums I played on I have to say  Parallels  and for album I didn’t play on it will be  A Pleasant Shade of Gray. And the song I really love at the moment to pick for the setlist it will be  Still Remains.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

Jim: I always like to thank the fans because when we coming to play in Europe our last record was released in 2004 and the fans still come out to see us and that is always a great feeling.

Thank you for taking the time for this interview.





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