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Jonas, first I would like to say thank you very much for this interview. Here we go:
Thank you!

Your first CD  HEX  was released on May 28, 2013, through Logic(il)Logic Records. The songs are impressing – congratulation! How are the reactions, from your fans and the press? Are you content with the feedback?
I am glad that you like the album. We are very pleased with how the album is received. Good reviews in magazines and online, also good feedback from the fans. And great response live.

One of my favourite tracks is  Haunted Hill. I generally love your voice and particularly the atmosphere of this song. Could you please tell us a little bit more about the origin of  Haunted Hill, respectively about the lyrics?
Haunted Hill  is a song I wrote several years ago. Then it was totally acoustic. We will release that version and some other acoustic songs later this year. I think the lyrics is up to each individual to interpret.


Are there any plans for a video clip for one of the songs?
We actually work on a video for one of the songs right now. But it will be a surprise for you all. :-)

You mix Rock & Metal with Industrial elements. Your music-style is special and fascinating. How would you describe your music in own words?
With  HEX, we set no limitations on what we can do. We can mix all the emotions and nuances in the songs. On the album I mixed up everything that I like, Blues, Country, Rock, Metal, Industrial and more. Which gives the music a great width and hopefully appeals many.

You write the songs for  HEX  - they are dark, hard, exceptional... Could you please tell our readers: what are they about in the lyrics, what are the most important inspirations for you when you are writing songs?
It is true that I am responsible for all the music and lyrics on the album. Something which I obviously proud of. Since I have been fortunate to find incredibly talented musicians playing the music I have made. I find inspiration for lyrics and music in many different mediums. Movies, books, magazines, today in many ways twisted reality and of course music from other bands. I intend to leave it up to each individuals to interpret the lyrics the way they want.

Do you have to be in a special mood and/or do you need special ambience to be creative?
I have music in my head all day and night. Texts or new riffs and ideas to songs. So no, I don't need any special mood for writing new songs. :-)

Which bands/musicians/singers would you name as your greatest influences?
I like a lot of different music. But should you mention someone who inspired me to write songs, it is Glenn Danzig. He has managed to fit everything that I like into his music.

In which age you've started to sing in a band?
I have not been singing in bands for so long. But I have played guitar in lots of different bands and projects. So I think that I am more a guitarist than a singer. :-)

Could you please introduce your band mates, describe each of them in two-three words, and tell our readers a bit about the history of the band?
HEX  started in autumn 2011. But then I had already written all the songs for the album, so the job has been easy. A presentation of the band, on bass we have Timo Hagstrom, Timo is from Finland with all that comes with it :-) a really driven bass player, on drums Claes Sundstrom, an incredibly talented drummer, always positive and pushing forward. On guitar Jerker Johnsson, Jerker is one of my oldest friends. He is always on all the ideas, and brings a lot of visions to the band. On solo guitar Jörgen Svärd, Jörgen a guitar hero from the 80's. He has always something to say :-). We have a good chemistry in the band. We complement each other very well and everyone has been playing music a long time, so we know what we want with the music.

Why did you choose  HEX  as band name?
I chosen  HEX  as a band name because I wanted a short name that is easy to remember. Then Jerker did an awesome-looking logo for it.

Do we have a chance to find Germany listed in your tour-schedule sometime, too?
We are planning to go to Europe next year and then Germany absolutely comes with the plan.


What is on the plan for you and  HEX  for the next months?
Right now we are planning gigs for the autumn and winter, and we are working on a music video.

Do you often find time to see live-performances from other bands/musician? Which concerts have you visited as a spectator in recent months?
We played at Metaltown now in July and then we saw the king Glenn Danzig :-), also  GhostKorn  and  Slipknot.

What are your personal Top 3 CDs at the moment?
My top three albums right now. 1. Danzig  album  Satan’s Child.  2. Type O Negative  album  Life Is Killing Me.  3. Shotgun Messiah  album  Violent New Breed.

The music biz is changing, the digital download is on the march, Vinyl is back. What do you prefer: the physical CD, digital download or vinyl?
I have always loved vinyl records. The format and sound. I think that you listened more concentrated on a vinyl. So we have a little thought for the future.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
You're welcome to visit our website on Or join us on Facebook.

Thanks for your time. We wish you and the band all the best, and a lot success with the album!

Photos: ©2013 by Stig Karlsson





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