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Ankh-grau-mm Karolina, at first I would like to say thank you very much for this interview! It isn't our first interview with you – welcome to “Round 2”. Here we go:

Musiknote Hello! And thank you for taking your time to write me, it’s kind of you :)

Ankh-grau-mm You and your band  Skeptical Minds  are working on a special project - a new concept album plus a comic book. Could you please tell us a bit more about it?

Musiknote Since 2008, we wanted to tell a story using two ways: CD and Comic together. On one side, you tell the story with music and words and on the second, you tell the same story with drawings and words. It brings a visual dimension to our music and we like that. We never did such thing before and we really wanted to make it become true. Now we work on it and we realise it’s difficult and different way to work you have to build everything like a movie. It’s a new experience and very exciting. What I could see or hear until now is very motivating.

Ankh-grau-mm How much of the prearrangements did you get done up to now?

Musiknote The album will contain 11 songs and the comic will be divided in 11 chapters. All the scripts are done, the story is known. The graphic designer (Alain Poncelet) is now busy with the final drawings (almost half book is already done in its final version with colours etc.…) About the music, all structures are done, not all lyrics but what takes a lot of time now is to finish all the electro. It’s complex and takes a lot of time. Then studio and production. I can say 70% of the work is now done for the music before entering the studio.


Ankh-grau-mm How does it look with new concert dates resp. tour plannings?

Musiknote Before the album release, we won’t really play a lot. We will make some dates like festivals, The Dames of Darkness (UK), Metal Female Voices Fest (BE), and 3 others (to be announced soon when we’ll get the official go). After album release and in the second part of 2014, we’ll play much more. For the moment, we prefer to play less and focus on the album because it demands lot of time.

Ankh-grau-mm If you would have the freedom to choose: in which city, in which location and in front of/on which place of interest - worldwide seen - you would like to play a gig sometime?

Musiknote Honestly? Everywhere! We have friends and fans around the world and it would be great to meet all of them one day! And if it’s connected with a gig? Then it’s even better :) I don’t think  Skeptical Minds  wants to focus on big or small places. We enjoy all experiences and the most important for us is to share gigs, good moments with the audience and believe me, even when we were sometimes in front of very few people, at the end of the show everybody was moving and had fun with us! That’s what’s the most important for us.

Ankh-grau-mm You were a member from  Eve's Apple, a worldwide community of professional female singers, which call it quits in the end of 2013. In 2012 and 2013 you played awesome successful concerts at Metal Female Voices Fest (MFVF) in Belgium. Could you please describe: how did you feel, to rock the stage with a lot of your sisters at this brilliant festival?

Musiknote Thank you! The experience was beyond wonderful. The moment when you realize that you can share the stage with your Metal sisters, it’s simply beautiful. I am grateful that I had such a chance. I think all girls keep a good memory of those shows. You are on stage in another context, without your own band and it looks more like a big party than like a gig with lot of pressure. I think party is a good word to summarize that experience.

Ankh-grau-mm I've read, that an  Eve's Apple  DVD shall be released. Could you give us some infos about it?

Musiknote Well I don't have exact info yet and we are all waiting for more news. I will keep you informed. Generally DVD was made to immortalize our friendship and all the hard work we have put into the community. I have no info about the rest for the moment. As you, I’m waiting.


Ankh-grau-mm The Metal Female Voices Fest (MFVF) is an important date for all fans from this music genre and there is a very familiar atmosphere. Could you try to explain the magic of this event?

Musiknote Yes I can explain :) When you go to that Festival (to play or not), everybody are friendly with you. You meet your old not seen mates, you can meet many bands in the public or VIP area, many things are accessible, you can see happiness on the faces of the visitors. I will dare to call us a big Metal Family and that’s the feeling people have there ;) Example: even when you go back to the hotel, you see people talking with each other (band musicians, fans...), having drink together, telling stories… Somehow this festival unites people and brings peace. Atmosphere is different. It is a family.

Ankh-grau-mm What were your personal very special moments respectively your highlights in your career as musician until now?

Musiknote Special highlights... I would say that a special day, a very special actually... was my first gig with  Skeptical Minds  in Brussels. Why is it a highlight for me? Because it all started there, I still remember, like it was yesterday. Skeptical Minds  had already an audience, the venue was full and many people were outside and stayed there to listen too. They all accepted me immediately and I quickly felt home. After that, two big moments for me: the MFVF of course because it’s just magic and an extraordinary gig in Greece where people showed us what Greek crowd means! It was simply incredible and as energy we received from a crowd, it is the strongest I received until now!

Ankh-grau-mm Your voice is great. Do you use vocal exercises to ensure that your voice is in adequate shape?

Musiknote Thank you for the compliment! Yes, I make voice ‘’sport’’ everyday. It’s important if you wanna stay in good shape and progress. There are many things I practice regularly to keep working and go forward.


Ankh-grau-mm The music biz is changing, the digital download is on the march, vinyl is back – do you prefer the physical CD, digital download or vinyl?

Musiknote I am old style, vinyl forever! But I do realize that it’s not always possible to buy favourite bands on vinyl. Then I search for CD format. I always make sure if the money goes to the band or label, that decides of my choice ;)

Ankh-grau-mm What do you prefer:

Ankh-grau-mm - studio work or live performances?

Musiknote Both haha. Studio for the hard work and perfection, and live for the passion experience. Both bring to me different experiences and sensations. The final result is always happiness and good vibes!

Ankh-grau-mm - “The Lord Of The Rings” or “The Hobbit”?

Musiknote Both , because its actually parts of the same story.

Ankh-grau-mm Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

Musiknote Never let anyone to crash your big dreams! Fight for your future ;) Stay Sparta!

Ankh-grau-mm Thanks for your time. We wish you and your band mates all the best and much success!

Musiknote Thank you too! See you soon, I hope!



Live-Photos ©2010+2012 by Hans Clijnk





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