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Your CD  Back To The Start  was released on July 1st, 2011, through Frontiers Records. It's a real good album, congratulations! How was the feedback from the press, the fans and your colleagues until now?
The response has been unbelievable both from fans and the media, we are very happy that we made a record that everyone seems to like.

Your line up changed a bit – could you please introduce the current  Airrace  band members to our readers?
Keith Murrell on vocals
Laurie Mansworth on guitar
Dean Howard on guitar
Jim Reid on bass
Simon Dawson on drums
Chris Williams on keyboard


The band was formed in 1982, you call it quits in 1985, followed by a long break and now you are back. When did you decide that you want go  Back To The Start  and back into the studio, too?
Pretty much straight away, we realised that we still had a lot to offer as a band and Frontiers  gave a good opportunity to make the record we always wanted to make.

The first day in studio – was it a normal working day or something special? How did you feel?
It was a special day. It was great to be in the same room with all the guys again and making music, we all had a ball!

Who wrote the songs for the album?
Myself and Keith Murrell wrote all the songs.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a ballad on this CD. Why did you decide to publish this CD without a slower track?
It was something we overlooked and after the album was finished we realised there was no ballad. We'll make sure there's one on the next album.


I have chosen my personal faves from this CD. Are there one or more songs that have a special meaning for you?
I really like  Call Me Anytime  and  So Long  it reminds me of an old girlfriend I used to see.

You played some concerts in U.K., e.g. as support for Night Ranger. How was it, how is your resume?
We've played some great shows in the UK with  FMThunderNight Ranger  and  Winger  etc., we are hoping to get back out on the road some time this year.

Are you planning to go on tour through Europe soon to present the songs from  Back To The Start  live on stage?
Yes we are, it´s just a matter of finding the right shows and bands to go out with, but there is lots in the pipeline.

I couldn't find a band page or a Facebook account in the internet, just a MySpace profile. Do you plan to complete your internet presentation with a website?
Yes we do, we have all been so busy with other projects that this is something we overlooked and will get sorted very soon.


Would you ever change your music or your lyrics to reach more people and to achieve more success?
No I don't think so. We write music that we feel we enjoy, I don't think we would write to order. It´s better if it comes naturally

What is on your plan for the future - short and long term?
To play as many shows as possible and get the bands name out there.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
I'd like to thank everybody who has supported the band over the years and a big thank you to everybody who has bought the new album, it is much appreciated.

Thanks for your time. We wish you all the best and much success!
Thank you very much, that's very kind of you. Best Laurie Mansworth.





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