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Marcela Bovio

Stream Of Passion

Interview at MFVF 9


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Our MFVF 9 Special



We meet here at the MFVF 9. Is this gig a special one for you, or to play here in general?
Yes, of course. I mean, we played here before, two years ago. At that moment we realized that this is no ordinary festival, itīs very special. I donīt know what it is but the fans of this genre are so sweet, so intense and so emotional. They love the whole spirit, you can see that very usually, you know. The feeling of brotherhood between all the bands is also fantastic. Itīs really nice.

A lot of people say, itīs magical...
Yes, it definitely is.

Could you please introduce the band members and tell us a bit about the history of the band?
Iīm Marcela Bovio, Iīm the lead singer and violin-player of the band. Stephan Schultz is the leadguitar player, Eric Hazebroek plays the rhythm guitar, Jeffrey Revet plays keyboard, Johan van Stratum plays bass guitar and Martijn Peters plays drums. Weīve been together with this lineup I think about 4-5 years already. Before the band started as a project of Arjen Lucassen from  Ayreon  and me. But I mean, weīve been through this whole process after he left the band - finding new guys. At this moment weīve just worked as a band and we're working for this band with the new line-up and itīs great. Weīve been doing so many shows together, that weīve created like this very special bond. Itīs fantastic.

It was a great performance today, I saw you live for the first time and I was really impressed. There is a special chemistry on stage...
Thank you. That is good to hear.

Your latest album was released in June. Have you been happy with the CD's success?
Yes weīre really happy. Because itīs a CD that is a little bit more ambitious and a little bit more experimental we were within so far. There are a little bit more different kinds of influences in it. So we didnīt know what to expect. But itīs great to see that the audience have respond it very well, too, as well as the critics. They can appreciate, weīre trying to do something different, kinda like try to find our own style, so itīs being very well received. We are really happy about that.

Why did you decide to name the CD  Darker Days?
It all started, basically became the inspiration for most of the songs, which was, you know, Iīve been living in Holland for 3 years now. In the beginning I have to say it was a little bit difficult for me to adjust to everything. Those really long nights in the winter and the cold, that I wasnīt used to at all in Mexico. And the snow, which is nice the first couple of days but then its like: Go away. All that of course, and also being away from my friends and from my family. Also basically this whole package adjusted to the big change kinda like inspire me to think about more doomier things, a little bit darker melodies. So I think thatīs why we decided to call the album  Darker Days, because it basically includes all of the inspirations of the album very well.

Your lyrics are often about personal experiences, you wrote about the death of your grandmother, about the troubles in Mexico...
Exactly. I canīt help but I need to write about things that are close to my heart. Those were definitely really big moments and really big things that have a lot of impact on me. I can not help but it went that way kinda like the doomier, little bit darker way.

You are from Mexico. Do you first write lyrics in Spanish or do you write them in English? Do you know which lyrics you want to write in what language before?
Well itīs funny, because I write the lyrics of the songs at very last. First we make the basic structure of the song and then I write the vocal melodies and then we refine it and at last come the lyrics. The melodies already tell me something like: this is a melody that kinda like wants to have Spanish lyrics or this is a melody that kinda like wants to have English lyrics. Basically thatīs how I decide which language to use: what the music kinda like tells me to do somehow.

Some songs have a Latin style, some sounds a bit like tango. I think thatīs your influence because the european guys are not so in this music, right?
Thatīs true, those were my ideas and Iīm really happy that the guys like the idea of incorporating these things in the end. It was a little bit difficult to get them into the Latin rhythm. But it worked very well, so we are really happy with those songs and I like it.

What are your personal Top 3 CDs at the moment, what are you listening to?
I just got the latest  Tori Amos  album  Night Of Hunters, itīs so beautiful and brilliant. Itīs her and this classical setting. I just saw a show of her in Eindhoven, last week I think, it was brilliant. What am I also listen to? A little bit older but I also been listen a lot to  Dredg  and their album  Catch Without Arms, itīs also really really cool. I listen to a lot of stuff, I donīt know which ones Iīve been listening to the most. Oh, this Dutch band that I didnīt know about,  Face Tomorrow  is their name. Apparently theyīve been making music for a long while but I just discovered them in Breda Barst, this festival that weīve played. It was brilliant and I love them. I got their CD, which is great.

What are your future plans - short-term and long-term?
Well we have a few gigs planned for the rest of the year. Itīs sure gonna be nice. For next year we're looking to maybe touring Europe a little bit more, maybe with some other bands. Nothing is written, I canīt say anything. There is definitely a lot more touring in the future.

So everybody have to check your website...
Yes, exactly.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
Well, to say a really big hello to all your readers. I sure hope that we get the chance to play in Germany soon again. Because itīs already been 2 years since weīve been there. And it was so great, that we canīt wait to go back.

Thanks for your time and all the best to you and the guys, have fun.
We will. Thank you, youīre welcome.





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