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In Oktober the album from Radiance named  The Burning Sun  was released, a project with the Finnish musician and producer Sami Raatikainen. You did the male voice parts. How are the reactions until now from fans and press?
No idea, ha ha, you have to ask Sami.

This music has a bit special style, did you see it as a new interesting challenge/experience to go into this kind of music?
Yeah, it’s always interesting to try something I haven’t done before.

Can you tell us a few infos about the next CD from Krux – about the songs, the release-date?
Too early yet, only made demos of 4 songs so far.

When the CD will be released: will Krux go on tour to present the new songs live?
Probably not, Krux can’t really go on tour.

Do you have an idea, when your solo-Cd will be ready for us?
2011, just started the drum recordings.

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What kind of music can we expect on it - a mix from different rock-styles and one-two ballads too?
A combo of Bowie / Gabriel, SYL, Therion, Krux maybe…

Are you a permanent member in more bands or only in Krux at the moment?
Only Krux really, I might also do an album in 2011 with Adagio.

You sung as guest-singer in many bands/projects, did you never had plans for a Mats Levén Band?
Well, my solo album is that I guess.

I like songs very much, which tell a story and catch me. Is it important for you to present good lyrics, with a statement/a story and not lalala-texts?
It’s important that the lyrics I write make sense to myself and that they enhance the vibe of the music.

Could you be interested to make a song/EP/CD with Swedish lyrics in the future?
Maybe yeah

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Is there a chance to see you soon live on stage with one of your projects in Germany?
Not soon... maybe late 2011 - who knows!

Do you have one festival or one location you didn´t play until now and you wish to rock this stage in the future at any rate?
Wacken would be cool.

You performed on Christmas Metal Symphony in the Netherlands. On the last one you sung the AC/DC song  Thunderstruck. How was it for you to be a part of this concerts?
Well, I did it the year before as well. Lots of fun and great people involved in the event.

If they would ask you again - would you say yes again and what song do you like to sing then?
Absolutely, it was great. Don’t know what song though… maybe  Welcome Home  - King Diamond.

The social networks seems to be the biggest chance to present music to the masses nowadays. How it looks in Sweden with rock music in Radio and TV, can you get much radio-airplay and TV-appearances as rock musicians?
Rock yes, Metal no.

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What is on your plan for 2011, some new cooperations fixed yet?
 Just my solo album, maybe Adagio and hopefully the second Amaseffer album.

Is there something you like to add to this interview that’s important to know for your fans?
Yeah, I really hope fans will take a listen to my solo stuff. I don’t know yet who will release it or if I’ll do it myself… just be patient folks!

We wish you all the best for the year 2011 and hope to hear a lot new songs with your great voice. Thanks for your time!!!
The same to you and thanks for the interview!


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