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In 2010 I got a friend request in MySpace - I listened to the songs in the band's player - and I was totally impressed. I ordered the CD  Gravitas - what a killer album!!! Furyon  was one of my personal Top 3 newcomer in 2010. So, to get the chance to make this interview was a very special honour for me.

Why did you choose  Furyon  as band name?
It’s a warrior name... inspired by “Chronicles of Riddick”.

I watched your videoblog, you seem to have a real cool humor - could you please give us a short introduction of the band members in your special  Furyon  style? ;-)
Haha... Well on guitars we have Pat Heath which you can normally find speaking Spanish to the ladies at the bar. Chris Green on guitar which you will find traveling around America mainly. Lee Farmery on drums and other sordid instruments. Nickel Bowen on bass amongst a bunch of pineapples and bananas. And myself Matt Mitchell on vocals drowning myself in copious amounts of water, screaming for help.

Jokes aside... A bloody good bunch of lads.

Gravitas  is a great album!!! Why did you decide to use  Gravitas  as CD title?
Because we wanted something that signified depth, substance and heavy. As that’s how we saw the album.

Who wrote the songs - all band members in teamwork, only some of you, other songwriters?
Well Chris Green and myself wrote 90% of the album. The rest of the band and producer had a hand in also.


I ordered the CD through the band's webshop, is it currently only available there?
The Collectors Edition of  Gravitas  is only available to buy from us at the moment Let me add: This is a ‘Collectors Edition’ and only a certain amount have been made so when they are gone they are gone.

The promo videoclip for  Disappear Again  is fantastic, it shows your whole power. Who had the idea and where did you film the clip?
The video itself to  Disappear Again  was filmed in Bolton, UK, by Sitcom Soldiers. A great video company. The EPK and home videos are all produced by us, and are filmed all over the place from America to England.

All 10 tracks are killer songs!!! I love your breathy-raspy-rough voice. Do you use vocal exercises to ensure that your voice is in adequate shape? Do you have little tricks to take care of your voice? Perhaps with a lot of... tea? ;-)
I do look after my voice as much as possible. I do warm up and cool down... it’s very important for singers. Sometimes to get my voice exactly where I want it I will warm up for along time. Using some exercises that sound and look rather amusing... haha. Singers... you know what I mean.

Are your guitarists Pat Heath and Chris Green the "leader of the  Furyon  gang" (seen on a musical level)?
The  Furyon  Gang so to speak, is lead by the songwriters mainly.

Some of your songs are pretty long (8:02, 8:17, 7:38, 6:19). The musicians show their skills on their instruments, for example, we get to hear brilliant guitar parts. Were the longer instrumental parts previously been written down exactly as they are now, or did they develop while recording, during some kind of jam session?
Most of the parts were written before being recorded... There was a few changes of inspiration through out the recording process. Like small guitar parts, keys/sounds , vocal ad libs.


Your music is a damn cool mixture of several Rock&Metal-styles, very diversified. Which bands gave you the most influences?
Well... that is always a question that could have a very long answer... but I would say for this album -  Alice In ChainsIron MaidenToolAlter BridgeDream TheaterSoundgarden. The list for our whole musical tastes and influences could go on and on.

I like songs very much that tell a story, have a statement and catch me... Is it important for you to present good cool lyrics and no lalala-texts?
Absolutely, I agree. Although there a few na na na’s never hurt  Bon Jovi  and I loved them as a kid. Still do.

We can find a comic in the booklet of the Collectors Edition. Who had the idea and could you tell us more about the illustrator?
Ahh yes it´s He is a friend of ours here in Brighton, UK and wanted to do an animation video for us, which you can find on the Collectors Edition. Check out the link to more work of him.

Did you get a lot requests/offers from labels after they've listened to  Gravitas?
We have had a lot of interest ever since the album first leeked out. We turned a couple of offers down as the offers were not good. We believe in this album as does our manager and new great offers are coming in now! Very exciting!

You're now working with the German management/promoter Rock N Growl. How did this cooperation come about?
Yes, we are! I mailed Axel a while ago with our EPK etc. and that was that. He didn’t respond for a while due to being busy but when he did, it was clear to me that he really loved the album and the vibe of the band. He believes in it which is important to us.

Is there a chance to see you live on stage in other countries in Europe soon - and, pretty interesting for me - perhaps in Germany too?
Absolutely... 2012!!


If you had the choice, what bands would you like to accompany as support?
Well, there are so many. From  Velvet Revolver / SlashAlter BridgeShinedownIron MaidenMetallicaDisturbedTool... even  Mastodon  or  Opeth!

In 2010 you sent me a friend-request in MySpace and I´ve listened to your music for the first time. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are indispensable for bands nowadays. Do you see it as cool chance and as an inspiration for your music to get contact with your fans there and to read their opinions?
Yes I think it’s good. MySpace was great in fact, and now Facebook has taken off it helps with fan pages etc. We have met many great contacts there. I still know people that use MySpace to check bands.

What is on your plan for the next months - perhaps the recording of the second album, too?
We have been writing for a 2nd album... and in the rehearsal room all the time at the moment. We have played some shows but are mainly concentrating on 2012 now. Getting the album out to the masses then following up with tours.

Thanks for this interview. We wish you all the best and a lot success - you deserve it. Furyon  ROCKS!!!
Thank you, anytime.

Photos, Logo and Tribal © by Furyon





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