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Max thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by Sarkophag Rocks! Here we go:

Your CD  Easier Said Than Done  was released on May 2, 2012, through Street Symphonies Records. How are the reactions - are you content with the feedback?

Yes, the first reviews are really good, honestly we were very curious about the people reactions to this new album because it’s a bit different from its predecessor (also a new vocalist) but we had until now many good feedback, it means that we’re on the right path!

Who write the songs for  Fuel From Hell  - all band members in teamwork, only some of you, other songwriters?
We’re a real band when we’re composing new stuff, of course there’s a major songwriter (Dam Littmanen) but we work all together, every time there’s big inspiration and many good ideas to put to music, we’re also good friends and now more than ever we have a lot of fun playing together.

How long does the recordings for the CD take (all in all)? Was the work  Easier Said Than Done, was the time in the studio  Electrified  and  Anything Goes  in best way? ;-)
We spent much time in the studio and it took a total of more than a year to record it, because we worked on the album when we had free time, clear ideas and the studio available. We worked a lot on the arrangements and some vocal details and this is evident in the aforementioned songs.

You released a video clip for  Anything Goes. Where did you film it: in the studio, in your rehearsal room or in an other location?
The video was shot in our rehearsal room and the director is our drummer (he is also a renowned video maker in our town). We had this idea to create a kind of low budget video with vintage atmosphere, we think that the result is pretty cool and fit perfectly with the mood of the song. We had many views on YouTube in the first weeks, people have appreciated!


Could you please introduce the members and tell us a bit about the history of the band?
It all started back in 1998 when me (bass) and Dam Littmanen (gtr) decided to start a rocking act besides our past musical projects (we know each others since we were kids and started to play together since the glorious eighties!). We started to play live very often in our area and we were very popular in our town also because our shows featured fire-spitting performance, flaming “666”, female dancers and stuff like that! Years later, our long time friend Steve Eighteen entered the band as second guitarist.

A couple of official recordings and things became interesting for  Fuel From Hell   when some of our songs were featured on cool American Compilations released by cult labels like Perris Records. Our first album was released in 2007 and many gigs followed, we had the chance to open for  L.A. GunsFirebirdAdam BombMeldrumNashville Pussy… A couple of years ago we found finally a very good singer & friend (Phil Lasher) and recently Alex Count as a new drummer who completed the final line-up. Fuel From Hell  are a solid rock band and the best things are yet to come, stay tuned! ;)

Why did you choose  Fuel From Hell  as band name?
It came out during a “drinking session”… we were discussing (and drinking) about a possible band name and we were listening to  Wolverine Blues  by Entombed! Well, when arrived the song  Full Of Hell, we realised that it was a good name for a band! Many drinks later (...) it became  Fuel From Hell  (even better!)

If you had the freedom to choose – what bands would you like to accompany as support?
Oh, easy question, in order  Rolling StonesKiss  and Def Leppard!

Have you ever thought to record a song with Italian lyrics? :-)
No, not really, I mean, sometimes we do something as a joke when we rehearse (really funny lyrics) but it isn't our goal to sing in our language, we want people on the opposite side of the world to understand what we're singing!

You are the bass player of the band. How many bass guitars do you own, do you have a special favourite?
Oh, bizarre question, well, I have some instruments (someone says too many...) and every single one means something special to me; my favourites are the White Falcon and a Rickenbacker, really wonderful instruments with a soul! Both are made to rock!


Which bands and musicians would you name as your greatest influences?
I started to play after hearing Steve Harris but he really never influenced me. I’m not the kind of person who adores other musicians and wants to play like them, anyway I like very much the style of John Taylor, Ron Wood (Jeff Beck's Group  era), and an Italian bass player called Ares Tavolazzi!

What are your Top 3 albums of all time?
Ouch… bad question… you mean Top 3 hundred? Seriously I have too many favourite albums and the toplist changes almost everyday (also in the same day!) Anyway it’s not possible to live without  Hysteria  Pyromania  (Def Leppard),  Exile On Main Street  (Rolling Stones)  or  Long Cold Winter  (Cinderella) but these are just the first that come in my mind right now… or just because I don’t know which  Rod Stewart  Bee Gees  album to pick out from their mythological career!

What do you prefer:
- studio work or live performances?
Studio Work and after live performance!
- digital download or physical CD? Easy... VINYLS!!!!
- football or Formula 1? Easier than ever... FOOTBALL FOREVER!!! :D

What is on your plan for the next months?
We’re actually working on new songs (we are really inspired and there’s always the need of good songs!). We’re also preparing our live set for the next gigs.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
I want to invite everybody to take a look at our new videoclip and also to leave a feedback and follow us on Facebook/Twitter, stay tuned and keep on rockin’!!!

Thanks for your time. We wish you and the band all the best and much success!
Thanks to you for the support, we really appreciated!

Photos: No.1> ©2012 by Gianfranco Favretto / No. 2+3> ©2012 by Fuel From Hell





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