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Visions Of Atlantis

Interview at MFVF VIII


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I read that your new album isn’t released yet, are you still in the studio to record your upcoming album?

Mario: Yes of course, we’re almost finished. Yesterday we did the mixing and tomorrow we’ll go back to the studio to listen to the master and pass it through to Napalm Records. Then everything is done and then it’s just a matter of time for the album to be released and the promotion to go on. So everything is fixed so far.

Do you already got a release date for the new upcoming album or a title?

Mario: Of course but we are not allowed to speak about it but it won’t be far away from now. Somewhere in the new year you hear more from us. So be aware…

The next question is for you Maxi. You’re the new female-singer for  Visions Of Atlantis. What it means for you to be part of the band and recording the new album?

Maxi: Well, for me it was a great experience. It was a kind of temptation. For me it’s the first time I am singing in a Rock and Metal-band. I really loved the songs. Before I met the guys I’ve only made a view productions by myself. That didn’t matter because it was easy to work with them. I think it will be a really nice album, won’t you say so, Mario?

Mario: Yes, it is going to be a great album!!!

Maxi, did you wrote the lyrics for the upcoming album or were they already written before you joined the band?

Maxi: Everything was already written but in some parts and some melodies I could put my own ideas of singing into it. For me it is a dream to start writing for the band for the next album.

The line-up has changed over the last years. You’ve played here today at MFVF 8 almost as a totally new band. How did you experience the show of today?

Mario: It felt like a rebirth. It is always amazing to play some concerts at festivals in our genre of music. It is great to see that the people are having fun in watching our show, like us and come to the signing sessions. For me it was if a stone felt from my heart that people still knows us and still like what we are doing.

That brings me to the following question. How important is the contact with the fans to you and do you use Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to get in contact and to listen to them?

Mario: Nowadays you absolutely have to be on MySpace and Facebook. I think it is a good thing just for bands and also for everybody to interact and get new stuff. Also for viewers it becomes important to check out the sites and click on songs to listen and see if you like the band and like what they’re doing. It’s an amazing medium.

Maxi: I think it is very important for us but also for every band to check out the internet.

Do you also get inspiration from the fans who visit and comment you on these sites or do you already got ideas?

Mario: Oh that’s a tricky question. I don’t really know where my insperations comes from, I actualy never thought about it. When I’m writing songs my inspiration could come from many things. For instance when I am at a festival like this, it feels right to be here. I love the audience and to play for them. This is all I want to do in life and of course this gives a kind of inspiration. There are people and there’s music and you can’t see them as separate things.

Maxi: Until now I’ve been in a couple bands and before now my inspirations were every day life. I don’t take life for granted. So much can happen on one day. For instance you get feelings about something or respond on things you see. So you write about these things. There’s been many times I woke up in the middle of the night with a melody in my head or just a phrase.

The band exists 10 years now, if you look back on those years, what are your goals for the future?

Mario: For starters my goals will be to have a stable line up, as you can imagine. The main goal is to have fun together, to get on one string with the whole band and bring our music to the audience. Just do everything: to tour, to promote our music and play live. If we sell then, that is good but not the main reason for making music.

Well I saw the band a few times before in different line-ups and I was really looking forward to see the new  Visions Of Atlantis  here. Do you think this will be the line-up for the next couple of years?

Maxi: Oh, I hope it was not the last time you wanted to see us.

Mario: Let’s see, what the future brings us! In the past years I told every time that it was the best or most stable line up at that time. I don’t say that anymore. I just say that it feels good right now as it is and it’s our plan to stay together.

Maxi, is it hard for you to sing songs that are written for other singers before or do you sing it in your own way?

Mario: We definite put our own feel in it.

Maxi: I don’t like sounding like the previous singers, that is not the kind of music I sing. I don’t sing Opera!!!

Mario: That was the deal! We wanted a unique voice and not a copycat of our previous singers. We love the voice of Maxi.

Maxi: Ohhh, thank you.

Mario: To find a unique voice is difficult. You can’t ask a singer to sing like this one or like that one, then you have to find a clone and that was not our meaning. Also you can’t force someone to do it in an other way than which fits to their voice.

Maxi you are from Greece, does that mean that you’re singing in a different way?

Maxi: Yes I’m from Greece. Well they say I do but I don’t think so.

Mario: Well you do have the MusiknoteahahahahahahMusiknote  So yes, a little bit and that is why we love you.

Maxi responds with: Ahhh.

Well I’ve been in Greece and I heard their singing and it´s different than what we are used to, will you use this in the future?

Maxi: Yes, maybe in the future we can use some vocal parts in that way. I don’t know, we’ll see.

Mario, does this bring you maybe some new inspirations?

Mario: Well, it is an actual inspiration right now because of you Hans, haha, and we are talking about it now, so it could be, who knows…

Well, if I bring you inspiration, haha... You can also add instuments like Sitar in the future...

Maxi: Yes sure, there are many instruments we can use into our music but than we’ll have to find a Greek to play those instruments, haha. So maybe someday we will but in fact it is too early to talk about. These are things we’ll keep in mind and when the time is right we will use it.

Mario: Well, maybe when we’ll play in Greece, that could be nice but in general  Visions Of Atlantis  is an Austrian band and we’re doing what we’re doing. Part of our future plans will be to go working with orchestras. If there will be room for Greek elements, sure why not. I love all kinds of music, world music, African music... So we’ll see.

Do you have plans to make a DVD or Live-CD in the near future?

Mario: Well, I think it’s a little too soon to talk about it right now. I would really love to record a Live-DVD but first we have to have a stable line up, have the new album out, a ton more songs and a good show and then maybe we can talk about it. It’s not a concrete plan right now.

If there is any news you want to share with us, feel free to tell us all about it?

Mario: Of course, if you really like orchestral music and the combination of male and female singers you have to check out our new album! Be aware it will be released at the beginning of the next year! So it will be great to see then all at the next show at first row and we welcome them to party with us on stage and afterwards!





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