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Your new album  Trinity  was released in March. How are the reactions until now, from your fans and the press?
The reactions have been simply breathtaking. The fans LOVE it and the mainstream press do too. We’ve had some amazing things written and said about the record. Hands down, it’s our best received yet which is awesome.

I love the video clip for  No Holy Man  – who came with the idea for the clip? The band, the band together with the producer or did someone else have the idea?
I did. I wrote the lyrics and tried to think about how I could visually turn the concept into a video and get exactly the same message across as you would by listening to it. I thought about the double life of an Evangelist and it just worked perfectly. We initially wanted to do a video with the band and James in person, but the cost was simply beyond our means, so I thought a cartoon would allow us to be very creative and also may turn into be a cult hit. At 40.000+ hits now, I’d say it’s worked brilliantly!

Two guest singers can be heard on this CD: James LaBrie and Andi Deris. How did this cooperation come about, did you ask these guys due to the fact that their voices suit perfectly to the two songs?
I’ll answer the last part first, but we asked the guys because we are big fans of  Dream Theater  and James LaBrie and  Helloween  and Andi Deris in particular.

I remember sitting with Michael during the planning stages of  Trinity  and we threw a bunch of names at each other and started from there. We then began to try and make contact. Tracking James down was the hardest part, or so we thought, and within three hours of first discussing the idea I received an email from him on my Blackberry. That was freaky!! James was and is an absolute Gentleman. We hit it off from the word go, and he absolutely adores the music. It was simply a case of aligning our schedules and working out a deal with him. He was brilliant to work with - the consummate professional - and continues to keep in touch with us on a fortnightly basis.
Andi couldn't have been more different. I had done some work for Kosta Zafiriou, drummer of  Pink Cream 69, and  Helloween  Tour Manager, and he said "If you ever need any help ...". So I asked could he hook it up. He did, and I never spoke to Andi once. I just got his vocals in one day and I was like "WOW"! That was a real special moment for me. Anyone who knows me, knows I adore  Pink Cream 69's  music since I've been listening to them since the late 80's. I love his voice!

Is there a chance to hear both songs live with Michael, James and Andi one day, perhaps at a special event?
That would be awesome! We’d need to roll Pamela Moore out too for  Angels & Demons. I think we’d save that for a Live DVD if AFM want to pay for it. You can but dream eh?

Did you already have duets in mind when you were writing these songs?
Yes. I think  No Holy Man  really came to the fore when we recorded the demo because Alessandro, our new keyboard player, wrote the section that James sings with me, and he also sung that part – he has an amazing voice – and the contrast in voices really worked. It allowed me to write that perspective from a “higher power” or “angel” type character, or inner voice, which is what James’ signifies in that song.

For Andi, it had to be aggressive, and there is no heavier song on the album than  Black Widow. He fits like a glove there and it sounds rather menacing!

I love songs that tell a story and 'catch me'. Your songs do both - what was the inspiration for the lyrics of  Trinity?
A lot of the inspiration can be autobiographical, or social commentaries, or from films or documentaries or real life experiences., but we always like to include a message now and then. Trinity is about questioning whether there is a higher power and if you really believe then you need to choose your path in life carefully. No Holy Man  is about hypocrisy. Guardian Angel  is about my daughter Emma and becoming a father for the first time. Black Widow  is about people who prey on others on the web but adopting a new persona to compensate for their social inadequacies.

I´ve read you wrote the lyrics for  Children Of The Tide  in 2004, after the first big tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Did the song get a new / another meaning after the tragedy in Japan?
Yes that’s true, oh and absolutely it did! I watched a documentary with my wife on the Indian Ocean Tsunami last Christmas and the part that shocked me, was a woman saying that here, her husband and three year old daughter were gripped onto a pillar and the wave tore the child from their arms and there was nothing they could about it. Hearing that story, as a father, or even just a human being effected me greatly. “Where did they go, the children of the tide” as the lyric goes.

Japan means a lot to this band. We had enjoyed a degree of success with excellent sales in that region since our formation, and we harbour dreams of playing there one day. So our thoughts instantly turned to the people of that great nation. You cannot listen to the song without thinking about Japan. In fact, we were so moved by the events, that we recorded a Piano and Vocal only version of the song which can be viewed here.

Your band members are from different countries, where is  Eden's Curse's  headquarter?
We set up base in England when we are touring to rehearse pre-tour.

Are you planning to go on tour soon to present the songs from  Trinity  and more live on stage?
Yes. We are talking to our European and booking agents right now about a headlining tour of the UK for later in the year, plus some small club shows in Europe. Touring is extremely expensive and if we can afford to make it happen we will be there. Watch  for tour dates.

Is there a festival or location you didn´t play at yet but definitely want to rock there in the future?
Of course! Where do we start? Sweden Rock, Wacken, Download, High Voltage, Bang Your Head, Loud Park – we’d love to play them all!

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are indispensable for bands nowadays. Do you see it as an inspiration for your music to get contact with your fans there and to read their opinions?
Absolutely. Mainly it’s their support you crave. I think sometimes acts can get too drawn into what their fans want and that’s when they begin to lose focus and direction. I’ve always insisted that we have been extremely lucky in the sense that we have written music firstly for ourselves and we are blessed that people like it. As I’m the main writer, then if I stick to what I did on the debut album, which is write Melodic Metal music that moves me, then there is no reason that the fans of  Eden’s Curse  shouldn’t like it. This is my main preferred style of music – I cannot write anything but from the heart – and the fans never need to worry about us going grunge. You know AFM don’t even ask us for demos. I queried why and they said “Well, you are not gonna write an Industrial album are you”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

What is on your plan for the next months?
Finalising the tour and working on another potential opportunity that has presented itself … and continuing to strive and drive towards succeeding with  Eden’s Curse.

Which are your personal Top 3 CDs at the moment?
Whitesnake  -  Forevermore
Pagan’s Mind  -  God’s Equation
Dream Theater  -  Octavarium

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
Thanks to everyone who supports  EC  and please buy the music and don’t steal it and hopefully we will see you on the road in 2011 … Stay Cursed!

Thanks for your time. We wish you all the best and a lot success!
Thanks \m/ Paul








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