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Pete Ahonen

Guitarist - Ghost Machinery / Stargazery
Singer + Guitarist - Burning Point



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Ghost Machinery Homepage
Ghost Machinery @ MySpace

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Pete, you are the mastermind in three bands, best Finnish Metal music. Here our 5 questions for you:

The second Ghost Machinery album  Out For Blood  will be released on 27.08.10. Can you tell us please a little bit about the album like: who wrote the songs, which is your personal favourite track, will there be a limited edition with some bonus-material, too?
I’ve written all the music, vocal melodies and 70% of the lyrics. Rest of the lyrics we worked together with our singer Taage. What’s my personal fav track...hmmm, this is always the tough question, especially when you’ve wrote all the music hah hah... My boring answer to this question has always been, I Love Them All! :=) Otherwise they wouldn’t be on the album.

I’m not sure yet will there be a Ltd version, but we have few bonus tracks just in case. Great artwork is done by Rainer Kalwitz and he has worked with artists such as Metal Church, Dare, Shadow Gallery etc.

Ghost Machinery has a new band line up. The „old“ members play together since years, how long did it take you to be a musical unity with the new ones?
It didn’t took long, they all are very professional musicians and they’ve done this for years.

Here in Germany, Limb Music is the label of Ghost Machinery. Did you sign meanwhile contracts with new labels for Burning Point and Stargazery?
Stargazery is at very final stages to close the deal with another German label, I believe that press release of that will be out very soon! Burning Point is now in studio and our plan is to finish 6 songs and send them out to the labels. We have 21 new songs in total for this new album!

Burning Point is working on the next album and also on a DVD. Do you think release dates are to realize in 2010 for both?
I think that we need to focus on Ghost Machinery and Stargazery to get those albums out the stores and then focus on Burning Point... But when we have any extra time, we’ll be in and out of studio working with the new BP album... which is going to be a KILLER!

5. How are the chances for us to see your three bands live on stage in Germany?

If all those 3 bands would tour together, WOW that’s an excellent idea, hey, booking agencys wink wink hah hah! Of course few changes in the line-up, vocalist is different, music is different... All are melodic heavy metal but still different than the other.





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