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Ronny Thorsen

Trail Of Tears

Interview at MFVF 9


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Unser MFVF 9 Special



We meet here at MFVF 9. Is it your first performance at this festival?
No, it is our third time here. We played here in 2008 and 2009 and now this year again.

The Metal Female Voices Fest is a very special festival, a lot of bands are playing here. Is it a special gig for you too, and a meeting with friendly musicians?
It is a very unique festival based on Female fronted metal bands and in that case it is one of a kind festival and so for us it is a great window to present our music. But it is also not this kind of music, it is Femal Fronted with all kind of bands. You have Death-, Symphonic-, Gothic and even Trash-Metal bands. So it is a really diverse festival even if it is focused on Femal Fronted vocals. So like I said: it is our third time here and we always have a great time. It is a well organized festival, the organization is well established and taking good care of the bands. There is always a good audience so it´s always nice to come back here.

Your last CD  Bloodstained Endurance  was released in 2009 and now you are working on your new CD. How's it going? Could you tell us a little bit about, perhaps how much songs you recorded and infos about a release-date?
The new album is already finished. We finished it in September 2011 and at the moment we are waiting for the final mix. I think it will be in my mailbox when I got home again and so we are really excited and looking forward to hear it.

We recorded 16 songs but we don’t know if we put everything on the album. So maybe to put 10 or 11 songs on the album and maybe to use some songs as bonus tracks or things like that. And now that is done we are thinking about album titles because we don’t got a title yet. It is also not sure when it will be released because we are now finished with our deal of our last record label Napalm Records. So we are looking for a new label at the moment and we use this new album to look for a new record deal. We already have some interest from some labels but we want to check all options. And hopefully the album will be released in the first quarter of 2012.

Who wrote the songs for the CD? What are the lyrics about, what were the inspirations?
The album is written by the whole band and every band member did his/her own part in the writing. The musical parts are written by Endre Moe (bass player) and Bjørn Erik Næss (guitar player) and the lyrics of all the songs are written by me and our female singer Catherine Paulsen. The album is recorded in the Sound Suite Studio in Marseille in France owned by our friend Terje Refsnes.

We see inspirations directly. It is not that we plan before what we will write about. It can be anything from movies, music or what we see in that moment like go to the store to buy beer and you see somebody waiting for the bus and the person looks happy or sad. Then the inspiration starts to work wondering why is the person happy or sad. It is really important for us to write about things we can relate to. We don’t write songs about dragons, swords and unicorns. I write songs I can express myself and about things I can life in. So it is always about something realistic or reality faced.

I saw your band many times, the first time was at D.O.A. 1999 and I saw that the line-up changed a lot since then. Could you please introduce the members from  Trail Of Tears  and tell us a bit about the history of the band?
We have the same line up now for 5 years. What happened was that we lost some members in 2006 but we put together a line up very fast after that and we are still the same line up today like in 2006. The band got its 15th anniversary and band members will leave and others will come.

In life you get cards you don’t expect and the same it is in the band. Like people gets family priority change, anything can happen and that is the reason some people leave the band and you get others that join the band. We are a stable band now and we really enjoy what we do on stage and we are enjoining each others company in the band. It is on- and offstage too. And that is really important to have some kind of chemistry together in the band.

If you had the freedom to choose – what bands would you like to accompany as support?
Well in the past we did support on one hand a band like  Nightwish  and on the other hand a band as  Dimmu Borgir. So if it fits with the music of the headliner we can do support for many different bands. If you come to one of our shows - a headliner show - you have all kinds of people there like 16 year old girls in Gothic dresses and also Dead-Metal fans in their 40’s with the washed out supporter shirts on. So you got all kind of people there. So for me if i can choose a bigger band better because then you reach out much people as possible. So there is not one band we say that is a band we want to play support for. The bigger the band the better.

I am from Germany. Are there plans to play in Germany?
We haven’t booked anything but once the new album is released we will force doing an European tour after that and obviously Germany is included of the tour because Germany is a major market, not only to our music but for all Metal generally. As soon as the album is out we check what is possible for an European tour as headliner or as support band.

Maybe to play on festivals?
We starting already to get up first for next year. We booked some festivals in Norway already, we just got “ARTmania” in Romania confirmed for next year, which is a big festival. When everybody wants us we are there.

Talking about Rock & Metal music in Radio and TV now, how does this work in Norway - do you get a lot radio airplay and TV-appearances?
In Norway not so much, because I think the most Norwegian Metal bands have their main market outside of the country. There is a much bigger interest in Europe. Countries like Germany of course, The Benelux countries, France, Spain, is a bigger market, obviously because there are more people. Norway has always had a strong Metal scene and a lot of good bands. But also those bands have their market outside the country.

So the Norwegian Radio and TV are not a big friend of Metal?
Not so much. Of course some of the biggest bands like  Dimmu Borgir  they get great exposure in the media. For a band like  Trail Of Tears  not so much. It´s better for us outside of the country.

How do you see the possibility to release an album as digital download only - would it be okay for you or do you prefer a release as CD?
The most important thing for us is to spread our music as much as possible. The format is not really important anymore because I think we have to contemn with the CD format. People don´t want it anymore, which I think it´s a shame. I think it´s basically the same thing that is happening now with the CD format as was happened with the Vinyl. You know once the CD was introduced, people stopped buy the Vinyl. And now it is the same thing with CD because people don´t want to have 2.000 CDs on their wall , they want to have their entire record-collection in a little matchbox, in a pocket or on the phone or something like that.

So the most important thing for us is to spread our music to as many people as possible, bother it is CD or iTunes or Spotify or whatever. As long as many people as possible can hear our music, those people will come to our shows and buy concert tickets and merchandise. I think that´s the future.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
Thanks for supporting the band. I can tell we have a new album out very soon, check it out, we hope that you like it.

Thanks for your time. We wish you all the best!
You´re welcome, thank you very much.





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