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During fall 2010 Tanzwut  went through some changes in line up. What happened?
In spring 2010 some of the former members came to me and told me that they don't want to play with Tanzwut  anymore. They wanted to find purpose elsewhere, in other projects and lost interest in the music of Tanzwut. But this band means a lot to me, I didn't want to let it die and so I had to find new musicians during summer.

I was able to get back Ardor at bagpipes. In summer I met Thrymr, a young musician and great piper who fits very well. There's Shumon at drums and Jagbird is our new keyboarder who completes the lineup.

All these musicians are also involved in Tanzwut's  medieval project. Holzwurm, a piper I know for many years now, will join that project, too.

Tanzwut Band 2_thumb

Did the "old" members know the new guys before?
This band consists of many musicians with different musical backgrounds, a big network has developed. So Martin and Stefan knew the new drummer Shumon before, I know Jagbird and Holzwurm for some time now.

Meanwhile you did some shows and surely play in perfect harmony. How was the first gig, have you been nervous?
Bagpipes, bass, guitar and vocals worked very well together even though we didn't play with the current cast of characters last year. This year, we already had some rehearsals and I think, with Jagbird und Shumon we've found the missing parts. Studio work goes swimmingly, we're all tuned to the same wavelength - seen musically and humanly.

                  Tanzwut - Der Zwilling_thumbTanzwut - Martin_thumb

An acoustic medieval show has been announced on your website. When do you start, are there already rehearsals going on?
The premiere for the medieval project will be in July 2011 at the Kaltenberger Knights' Tournament. You can see us live on nine days, we already started with rehearsals.

There's also something about Teufels solo CD  Absinth, which will be presented "in collaboration with...". What do you mean with it - will there be a Teufel-Absinth  tour with musicians of Tanzwut  or will there be a special Teufel-Absinth  appearance during a Tanzwut  gig?
No tour is planned. I will present the songs on two festivals (ZITA Rock Berlin, MeraLuna Hildesheim) together with some of the Tanzwut  musicians, but not all will show up.

You've been in the studio to work on the new album. Is it ready now?
We're still in studio, right in the middle of recordings.

                  Tanzwut - Ardor_thumbTanzwut Jacke_thumb

Rock band and medieval band - will both directions be on that CD?
This album will be a Tanzwut  rock album. A medieval CD will surely be out eventually, we don't want to mix that. We definitely have a lot of ideas.

Can you reveal some details, perhaps the number of tracks, will there be a limited edition? Or is it top secret? ;-)
There will probably be 12 songs. All the other stuff is top secret.

Have the new members been involved in songwriting for the new album?
In any case. Even they are new musicians for our band, they are musicians with a lot of experience - new ideas are good each and every time.

The estimated date of publishing has been set to Spring 2011. Does this date work out, are you able to tell us a month?
Expect the new album in Fall 2011. The recordings should be ready till March, so it's not possible to publish it this Spring.

                  Tanzwut Shumon_thumbTanzwut - Thrymr_thumb

Will Tanzwut  sound different in 2011?
We have to check that in the end. You'll surely hear that something has changed 'cause a lot of people have been involved who never played with Tanzwut  before.

Will there be a Tanzwut  song with female vocals in the future?
Perhaps. There are currently no plans for this CD, but there will be more CDs...

Are there any plans for a live album and/or a DVD?
Not yet. Just finishing the album and then touring with the new members for a while.

Do you want to add a message for all the Tanzwut  fans?
We're really looking forward to this year. We want to be on the road, play gigs and present our new songs. We're looking forward to seeing you! Thanks for your support!

Thanks a lot for your time. May the new CD crowned with success, all the best for 2011.
Thank you.

Promophotos © by Tanzwut
Translation by Susanne Blum





Gesang, Dudelsack


Gitarre, Davul

Der Zwilling

Bass, Dudelsack


Schlagzeug, Percussion


Keyboard, E-Drums, Percussion


Dudelsack, Schalmei


Dudelsack, Schalmei


Dudelsack, Schalmei
(beim Mittelalterprojekt)


Tanzwut - Rockshow


D - 06632 Freyburg (Unstrut)

Schloss Neuenburg
Walpurgisnacht Rock Open Air


D - 09235 Burkhardtsdorf

Rock im Zwönitztal
Open Air


D - 25364 Brande-Hörnerkirchen



D – 06124 Halle

Bordun Rocknächte


D - 50679 Köln

Amphi Festival


D – 04639 Gößnitz

Gößnitz Open Air


D – 19339 Plattenburg

Mittelalter Rocknacht


 D - 91315 Höchstadt Aisch



D - 31137 Hildesheim

Mera Luna Festival


D – 44137 Dortmund

Autumn Ball Festival


D – 10967 Berlin

Huxleys Neue Welt
Autumn Ball Festival


Tanzwut - Medievilshow


D - 82269 Geltendorf
OT Kaltenberg

Kaltenberger Ritterturnier


D - 82269 Geltendorf
OT Kaltenberg

Kaltenberger Ritterturnier


D - 82269 Geltendorf
OT Kaltenberg

Kaltenberger Ritterturnier


D - 82269 Geltendorf
OT Kaltenberg

Kaltenberger Ritterturnier


D - 82269 Geltendorf
OT Kaltenberg

Kaltenberger Ritterturnier


D - 82269 Geltendorf
OT Kaltenberg

Kaltenberger Gauklernacht


D - 82269 Geltendorf
OT Kaltenberg

Kaltenberger Ritterturnier


D - 82269 Geltendorf
OT Kaltenberg

Kaltenberger Ritterturnier


D - 82269 Geltendorf
OT Kaltenberg

Kaltenberger Ritterturnier


Teufel (Show zum Album)


D - 13599 Berlin

ZITA Rock Festival
Zitadelle Spandau


D - 31137 Hildesheim

Mera Luna Festival


DJ Teufel


D – 32051 Herford




Tanzwut Band 1




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