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Our MFVF 9 Special





We saw you live on stage at the MFVF 9. It was your first performance there – how did it feel to be part of this special festival and to play for such a huge crowd of fans of female fronted Metal & Rock music?

David: It was actually really amazing, we really enjoyed every moment of it, and being on stage, it was exciting to see such a huge crowd.

Gabriella: Every moment was worth it, from the moment we arrived until the evening we left, you don´t encounter this kind of preparation everywhere.

From the musician's point of view, could you please tell me: what were the most important experiences and impressions for you at this MFVF-weekend?

Balázs: We have never seen such a kind of technical preparation, the staff was well prepared and everything was on the right place at the right time. The schedule was tight and no delays were allowed but this was easily manageable with the staff.

At one song the technology went haywire. You took it cool and with humour. Nevertheless, do you say to yourself: "In the future it´s better to use less orchestral sound that comes from tape"? ;-)

Csab: Sure we´d love to :) But until we win the lottery there is no way we can afford to bring a real orchestra with us, and since we are playing orchestral Metal, doing the gig without one of the main factors our music would loose its taste, really.

David: We came here to kick a... so not even this could screw our mood on stage :)

In 2012 the Metal Female Voices Fest celebrate its 10th birthday – do we have a chance that  VelvetSeal  is one of the guests on stage?

All: We definitely hope so!

I liked your performance very much. You rock, you have a good singer and you give the crowd a cool show.

All: Thanks, the crowd took it similarly, we hope to see you all again soon.

Could you please tell us a bit about the history of the band?

Gabriella: In case anyone is new to us,  VelvetSeal  is a Hungarian band, that was formed in 2007 initially as a project. The first album was released in 2009 by a small dutch label.

Your first album  Lend Me Your Wings  was released in 2009. How was the feedback from the press and the fans? Have you been happy with their reactions?

Csab: Yes, the reactions were really good, we have received mostly great reviews from varoius magazines and web-zines around the world. Of course you can never escape from being called a clone of one of the “major” female fronted bands when you have a female singer but we like to think that we are doing something different, perhaps a little more prog/modern, guitars a with a little more melo-death taste...

David: ... and a “little less” opera singing :)

How much of the plannings/prearrangements for your second CD did you get done up to now?

David: The songs are written and ready, and halfway recorded. We are constantly working on the recording session but everyone is busy, and we wanna do something really really good.

Who writes the songs for  VelvetSeal? What are the lyrics about?

Csab: Everyone contributes to their own part, the main idea is born in the studio, but everyone gets their instrument parts written. The lyrics are really diverse, the new album will be a concept album with 2-3 stories evolving around each other so it´s really complex. Mainly, it is about the constant fight within oneself and emotions through various aspects and personalities being brought to life and showing a different side of each.

How would you describe your music in your own words?

Csab: Symphonic Dark Metal!! Not Gothic, and definitely no operatic Metal.

Where are your roots (read: in which style of music), and which bands would you name as your influences?

Gabriella:  Madonna  and after a big break  Guns N´ RosesEvanescenceKornWithin Temptation of course.

David: My personal roots are in  Dream TheaterDeathKillswitch EngageBullet For My ValentineAmon Amarth, but I am open for everything, like Funk-Rock, or of course  Within Temptation etc. :)

Balázs: For me it´s vintage/80s:  AC/DCJourney, but I also like  Dream Theater  or  Nightwish.

Csab: For me it´s diverse, ranging from  NightwishAfter ForeverSoilworkScar Symmetry, to  Arjen Lucassen´s  and  Hans Zimmer´s  work which greatly influences the tracks in  VelvetSeal, but one of my new favorites is  Skrillex  :)

If you had the freedom to choose – what bands would you like to accompany as support?

All: KamelotWithin TemptationEpicaVelvetSeal  tour sounds nice, no?

Talking about Rock & Metal in Hungary: is there a big scene for this music, is it often played on the radio, do the bands of this genre get much TV-appearances?

David: Yes, Rock and Metal has a huuuuuuge popularity in Hungary. It´s played 24/7 in ALL the radio and TV stations in the country even on the national television all over the country. IF we call rock and metal: the music where tattooed up former rock-stars playing nonsense Popmusic, and singing songs about sunshine, having parties and girls :)

On Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. bands are able to read the opinions and reactions of their fans. Is that an interesting aspect for you? Do the band members from  VelvetSeal  use these platforms to get in contact with the fans?

Gabriella: Of course we mainly try to go with the trends and use or used all of them,. Today is mainly Facebook, but we were there during the “MySpace Era”.

What is on the plan for the band for 2012?

All: New album, new videos, and more of gigs like MFVF.

What are your personal Top 3 CDs at the moment?

We Are The Fallen  –  Tear The World Down
Sixx:A.M.  –  Heroine Diaries
Kamelot  –  Ghost Opera

Bullet For My Valentine  –  Scream Aim Fire
Amon Amarth  –  Twilight Of The Thunder God
Within Temptation  –  The Heart Of Everything

Ayreon  –  The Human Equation
Soilwork  –  Stabbing The Drama
Nightwish  -  Dark Passion  (instrumental version)

After Forever  –  After Forever
Within Temptation  –  The Heart Of Everything
AC/DC  –  Back In Black

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

All: We really thank you for the interview, we loved the time with you, greetings to all the readers of Sarkophag Rocks, and we really hope to see you soon again.

Thanks for your time. We wish you and the band all the best and much success!





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