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Your second CD will be released on August 26th 2011 through Frontiers Records. Why did you decide to name the album  In Progress?

Herman: That’s all part of the plan! When Robert and I started the band, we made plans for three albums, the first to be named  Artwork, the second  Work In Progress  and the third… well, let’s not tell just yet. When we made the cover we felt that  Work In Progress  was a bit much, and  In Progress  it was!

Could you please introduce the band members and tell us a bit about the history of the band?

Herman: We have Robert on guitar, and myself, Herman on drums, and Lars on vocals. Lars and I met in Nacka music school way back in 6th grade or something like that. Back then Lars played keyboards. Then I met Robert in High School, and we had similar taste in music.

Why did you choose  Work Of Art  as band name?

Herman: Another thing from way back. We first were thinking about naming the band  Miss Trouble, after a  Tower Of Power  song, but one of us came up with  Work Of Art, and we thought it fitted the style.

I´ve been listening to the album – it's very well done!!! Who wrote the songs for the CD?

Robert: I wrote the songs on the album and Hanif Sabzevari helped me out with lyrics on some songs. Also, the song  Castaway  was co written with my friend Anders Rydholm from  Grand Illusion.


Could you please tell our readers something about the lyrics - what are they about, what were the inspirations?

Robert: Most songs on this album is "break up" songs. A classic AOR theme indeed but as I went through a break up myself while making this album, it felt natural to write about it. But, there's is also comforting songs like  Never Love Again  and positive songs like  One Step Away  which is also inspired by where I am today.

Are there one or more songs that have a special deeper meaning for you?

Robert: I think a song like  The Great Fall   which is indeed inspired by my own life at time but at the same, also can be about the current state of our planet. I like the duality in that songs. And the song  One Step Away, which not only is about the wonder of love between lovers, family and people close to you but also, about a much greater love. The kind of global love that makes "the world go 'round" if you will.

There's a video for the song  The Great Fall. Who had the idea for the clip and where did you film it?

Herman: The idea was more or less from all of us, we wanted a intimate feeling with us playing. And, we called in our friend Henrik Linder from  Dirty Loops  to play bass in the video. He also plays on two tracks on the album. The lighting and stage design was made by Per Ståhl and the guys from Boll med Ben Productions who made the video. It was shot at a local sound company’s warehouse.

How would you describe your music?

Robert: Lot's of melody, lot's of hooks and catchy choruses, lot's of guitar and keyboards... lot's of everything!!


Where are your roots (read: in which style of music), and which bands would you name as your greatest influences?

Robert: To name but a few,  TotoGiantChicagoSaga  but, that list could go on forever…

You surely will showcase your album live on stage pretty soon. Do we have a chance to find Germany listed in your tour-schedule, too?

Herman: Perhaps. That would be a lot of fun!

If you had the choice – what bands would you like to accompany as support?

Herman:  Toto, of course,  Journey  or  Styx, maybe…

Talking about rock music in Radio and TV now, how does this work in Sweden - do you get a lot radio airplay and TV-appearances?

Robert: So far, more or less but none but surprisingly, there have been some interested from both TV and radio with this new record and we will jump at any chance we get. But generally, in Sweden, this kind of music is still sadly missing in the air waves.

Have you ever thought to record a song with Swedish lyrics? ;-)

Robert: No, I can't picture this kind of music with Swedish lyrics. But, maybe someday will try, just for the fun of it!!


On Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc, bands are able to read the opinions and reactions from their fans. Do the band members from  Work Of Art  use these platforms to get a closer contact to the fans?

Herman: Of course. I think you have to be online today. It is a great way to come in contact with the fans!

What are your future plans - short-term and long-term?

Herman: To play live is a goal, which we plan in a near future. Then, we’ll see…

What are your personal Top 3 CDs at the moment?

1. Toby Hitchcock  -  Mercury´s Down
2. XorigiN  -  State Of The Art
3. Grand Illusion  -  Prince Of Paupers

Shameless promotion of some of our very talented friends ;)

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

Robert: Would take the opportunity to thank all our fans who support us one the first album, this second album would not have been if it wasn't for you!!!

Thanks for this interview. We wish you much success with the CD!!!

Thank you so much!


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