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Enrico, first I would like to say thank you very much for this interview. Here are my questions for you:

Your CD  Anyone Like Us?  was released on October 23rd, 2012, through Logic(il)Logic. Are you satisfied with the feedback you got until now?

Hi Marion! Yes, absolutely. We’re all surprised and excited seeing the interest that people have for this record. Reviews on webzines and magazines are really awesome and we couldn’t expect a better feedback than this.

It's a great album, congratulations! Why did you decide to use  Anyone Like Us?  as CD title?
Thank you! The title has two meanings: 1. Is there anyone who’s still interested to our music? 2. Is there anyone around here that is like us? Same sentence, two different meanings. In Italy it’s really hard for a band like ours, not just because we play Hard-Rock, but for every band that write songs and want to make records. They don’t fuckin’ care, they just want you to play covers, there is no space for creativity. So our question is: Is it possible to write songs and publish a record in 2012? While the other meaning is both ironic and full of pride, because in these seven years many things happened to the band, good and bad, and publishing this record has been such a painful childbirth, that’s why we wonder if there is someone like us!

Two of my favourites are  Fault  and  Postcards From My File. I like the atmosphere and the lyrics of this tracks very much – goosebumps moments. Could you please tell us a little bit more about both songs... who wrote them, what are the stories behind the lyrics?
Fault  was written by me. The main argument is happiness, and it talks about a personal story when I realize that it’s so easy to have the chance to be happy, but in your life you often find the way to throw it away, due to your instinct, to your immaturity or simply to your stupidity. Anyway, it’s a song full of hope.  Postcards From My File  was written by Willy and it’s a song that talks about a magic time when he was a little boy and everything was fine; we all have sweet memories back in time and we all want to think to some wonderful periods in our life, especially if something goes wrong.


There are 10 great tracks and I've found my personal faves – are there one or more songs with a very special and deep meaning for you?
Well, I would like to mention  Lost In A Killing Field, freely inspired by Primo Levi’s work “If This Is A Man”, a book about Holocaust, one of the best I’ve ever read. I just mentioned some episode, but what I tried to do was to dive into this masterpiece and communicate the desperation and the drama, helped by the impact of the song. Then  Cannibal Love, because to keep on’ playing music or generally having a passion sometimes means to “devour” some other spheres in your life, like work and family. I love this song, as I love  Inferno. Both these songs have a great groove, but with melodic refrain.

You've covered  The Look   from  Roxette. Why did you choose especially this song?
Me and Willy had the idea about it. We loved that song, and we thought that if we would have totally re-arranged it in our style, it could have taken part to our album. We always loved the idea to cover a song far from Hard n’ Heavy, we think we did a very good job.

You had line-up changes - could you please introduce the members from  Midnite Sun  and tell us a bit about the history of the band?
The line up in  Anyone Like Us?  is a little bit chaotic, isn’t it? The new drummer is Mike and he plays 6 of the 10 songs of the album, while Sappa joined the band when the bass guitar was already recorded by our former bass-player. We are really satisfied of both guys, we are looking forward to record a new album with the current line-up!! About our history, I can tell you I formed this band with Chris in 2000, and after 2 years playing as cover-band, we joined Willy and we started to write our songs. We published our first record  Groovin’ Sexplosion  in 2005 and we did a lot of live experience. We’ve been waiting so much time for the new album because many things happened in the last years, some of us got married with kids, some started their own activity, and surely all these line-up changes slow down the making of  Anyone Like Us?.

Your music is a damn cool rock-mixture, very diversified. Which bands/musicians would you name as your greatest influences?
Of course I’ve got to mention our classical influences,  Deep PurpleJudas PriestWhitesnakeSkid RowGuns N’ Roses  and so on… but we are in 2013, and music didn’t die 30 years ago! I think that for the new album you can hear a little bit of  Anthrax  (John Bush era, of course…),  AudioslaveVelvet Revolver  and  Alter  Bridge, but these are simply the names of the bands that I love and unintentionally I’m inspired by when I write songs. Anyway, three of them don’t exist anymore…


You also play the piano at  Postcards From My File. In which age did you start to make music, and how many/which instruments do you play?
Oh, I’m not a great piano player, Willy had the idea for me to play piano on  Postcards, I did it with great pleasure. I like to play it sometimes, but I never studied. Instead, I play so much acoustic guitar, you can hear it on the album, some of them were played by me. I’ve always preferred guitar, it’s wilder, I feel free, I can move, and I express better myself. 95% of the songs that I write start from guitar.

I like songs very much that offer lyrics, which affect me or are thought-provoking. How important is it for you to present meaningful lyrics with a good story/a statement/a message?
Well, it’s very important. Usually I prefer to write when I feel sad or angry, it’s easier, I don’t know why but words flow like water when you feel that way. I don’t like to be ordinary, I’ve got to believe in what I write and the story or the message’s got to be very strong, otherwise I won’t be satisfied.

Is there a chance to see you live on stage soon, perhaps in Germany too?
Oh, we already played in Germany in 2007 supporting  House Of Lords, we played at Hannover, Hamburg, Bochum, Scheinfeld and Munich, in addition to one gig in Belgium and one in Switzerland. There’s no doubt, that was our most beautiful experience in our lives, that was really a dream come true. You’re so different from Italians, you welcome bands in a totally different way, and we really felt like home meeting wonderful people at the end of the shows. For historical reasons a piece of my heart lies in Germany, in your culture and in your wonderful country, since ever. I don’t know if there’s a chance to play live again there, only God knows if dreams happen two times…


Inferno  was the first song I've ever heard from  Midnite Sun. I was very impressed by your voice. When did you start to sing in a band?
Thank you so much!  Midnite Sun  was my first serious band. I sing since I was a child but before this band I just had a couple of amateur bands. Nowadays, I enjoy myself singing in some local cover-bands and in an unplugged side-project with Chris. Besides, I took part at the  Moonstone Project’s  first album,  Time To Take A Stand, with guests like Ian Paice, Glenn Hughes, Graham Bonnet, Steve Walsh, James Christian and many others.

If you would have the free choice to select a duet partner, female or male, across all music styles – which singer would you choose?
Can I choose 3 names? Chris Cornell, Sting and Adele.

The music biz is changing, the digital download is on the march, Vinyl is back – do you prefer the physical CD, digital download or Vinyl?
I will always prefer CD. What can you ask more? The perfect audio, the booklet, the little dimensions… always the best.

What were your Top 3 albums of 2012?
Alter BridgeStone SourDisturbed.

What is on the plan from  Midnite Sun  for 2013?
We hope to support as much as we can  Anyone Like Us?, and starting writing new material. That’s ordinary, but can a band do? Counting money? :-)

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
I just want to thank you for your wonderful words in your review. You’re so… Unbreakable!!! Ahahahahaha!!!!!

Thanks for your time. We wish you and the band all the best and a lot of success with the CD!!
It has been a great pleasure. God bless you brother.

Photos: ©2012 by Midnite Sun





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